Grateful for a little one who can climb up in my bed and cuddle every morning, even if its 5am.

Grateful for my lifelong best friend, who stops during the middle of her busy work day to check on me and tell me she was thinking about me.

Grateful for Mother-in-laws who are also friends.

Grateful for cooler temps and rainy mornings.

Grateful for sweet texts from Mom that are powerful enough to suddenly bring tears to your eyes during lunch in a restaurant. 

Grateful for a husband who works eighty hour weeks and spends his off days installing new bathroom floors. 

Grateful for three hour bookclub dinners and only spending ten minutes out of those three actually talking about the book.

Grateful for the start of a new journey.

Grateful to have choices. 

Grateful for the ipad otterbox (It has been dropped at least five times since I've started typing).

Grateful for answers and peace. 



Anonymous said…
LOVE ♥ (and stealing the quote)
Amy K.

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