Merry Christmas

We've been so busy these last few days preparing for our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners, that I haven't had much time to sit and write. Plus, we've been trying to fit in a few last minute Christmas activities.

Like refusing to sit with Santa....

(Picture via Frames By Ames)

Yes, I'm such the sweet wife that I totally made David sit with her while I stood behind the photographer and laughed. Believe me, I'll be paid back I'm sure!

I can say I am now officially in the Christmas spirit and excited to begin our celebrations tonight.

I personally love Christmas Eve more than I love actual Christmas day. There is something that always seems so magical about the evening.

Even though she refused to be in the same room as the guy, Olivia has suddenly taken a interest in Santa and is excited about his visit tonight. We've been talking all week about Santa coming to visit and surprisingly, she's somewhat getting it. She's been running around talking about "Santa" all day!

And before stones are thrown, we've being reading a toddler friendly version of the birth of Jesus every night too. We've talked just as much about baby Jesus as we have Santa.

My Aunt made the comment the other day that Christmas has seemed much more fun these past few years having Olivia to celebrate it with. Before Olivia, it had been a good while since we had celebrated Christmas with a small child and I had to agree. So often, adults get too stressed and overwhelmed with the holiday, that there is something about seeing the excitment of a child to remind you what its all about.

Just in case you didn't receive one in the mail from us....

Merry Christmas from the Mabreys!!!

(Cards via Vista Print)


Tristan said…
hahaha...well,at leat she isn't screaming..abahahah
i seriously love looking at OK's sweet face every day..gonna be sad to take down the Christmas!


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