A battle of wills.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for my husband.

His hands are full with Olivia and I.

She may look nothing like me, but her personality is pretty much all mine.

Part of that personality is that we're both stubborn as mules.

Its a battle of wills between her and I on a daily basis.

Majority of the time, I'd like to say I win those battles.

However, the other day, she completely stole one from me.

Olivia was running around with a stinky diaper, so I walked over to our normal changing spot, sat down, and hollered at her to "come here." We went back and forth for five minutes with me telling her to come lay down and her telling me "NO!" I could hear her voice, but couldn't tell where she was. Finally, I started threatening that if I had to get up, she was going to time out.

However, she continued telling me "no!"

I decided it was time to go after her, so I got up and started heading towards her voice, only to find her on the other side of the room already in diaper changing position.

As soon as I walked up she started clapping, smiling, and saying "YAY, YOU DID IT MOMMA, YOU DID IT!!!!"

I couldn't help but to die laughing and needless to say, she didn't make it to time out.

Clearly, the victory was hers.


Jennifer said…
Hahaha. Kids are so coniving and cute aren't they? She's a genius! (o;
Amy said…

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