The Weekend & Lots of Pictures.

Sorry, I took a break from blogging last week. Hoping to do better this week! : )

This weekend could pretty much be described as the birthday weekend. By the time the weekend was over, we had been to a birthday party everyday. David was off on Friday and Saturday, so that made our weekend extra special.

Friday night we started the celebrating with David's parents, both celebrated their birthdays this weekend. The last couple of birthdays, we've opted to keep things a little key and just our immediate family. David's Mom and Dad heading down to our house, along with Joey and Lisa, and stopped by to pick up dinner from our favorite bbq place. It was nice that no one had to cook, but yet, we didn't have to wait to eat, and when Olivia was finished, she got to jump down and play, while the rest of the family got to finish eating and enjoy adult conversation without a wiggly toddler. It's now my new favorite birthday tradition. We're pretty sure we're going to start doing this every birthday meal.

I attempted these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes, but had a icing mishap last minute and Dave had to run to the store to get me a can of icing, so they didn't turn out to pretty, but they were still delicious. I will definitely be attempting them again, they were worth the two day process. Heads up: they are not the type of dessert you can throw together, step one requires overnight freezing. They are totally worth it though. These are also the first entirely from scratch cake mix I've ever attempted. I've always heard people say that you cannot tell the difference between boxed and scratch, so I've always saved timed and went with the box. Not sure if it this particular recipe or what, but I could definitely tell a difference. The scratch was sooooo much better than the boxed. I also didn't think it took that much more time than making them from a box in my opinion.

Saturday Olivia and I spent most of the day being lazy at home, while David went to cut grass for his Dad's work (he's been doing it all summer for some extra dough). We did however head a couple houses up for a yard sale our neighbors were having. They are the parents of three girls, so we thought we might hit the jack pot with some clothes. Not sure if they were already picked over (since I had to wait for little bit to wake up to go) or if having three girls means clothes are worn out from handing down, but they didn't have too much little girls clothes. Olivia however did find this ride on toy and decided it was going home with her. Everyone had a good laugh when she took the sticker off, handed it to me, and proceeded to push it up the neighbors driveway towards home. I'm pretty sure she would have fought anyone who tired to take it from her.

Saturday evening, we headed out for birthday celebration number two by joining my family at the same bbq place we ate the night before. This time however, we ate there. The food was great, but we had a time with Olivia after waiting an hour to eat and then another hour to actually eat. David had to leave the meal with her long before everyone else was finished. We've come to the point we hate eating out right now. She's got about four restaurants she can eat at and that's about it. We've seriously decided that for now, we're going to have to skip the actual dinners out and meet the family for just cake and ice cream later. It's not that she's bad, she's just way too active to sit still in a restaurant for two hours. Maybe in about five years, we can enjoy dinners out.

After dinner we headed back to the newlyweds house for peach cobbler and peanut butter cupcakes. We were celebrating my Aunt Sylvia's birthday, but also included David and my Uncle George's since we never did anything back in March for theirs.

This is my cousin Kyndall's boyfriend Andy, it's funny because he's been around since before Olivia was even a thought, but Olivia has never been a big fan of Andy. We just spent a week at the beach with them and Olivia wouldn't give him two looks. For some reason on Saturday, she decided he was her new BFF and didn't leave his side all night. Andy was happy she finally came around after almost two years.

We didn't make it to church on Sunday morning due to the fact we had a late night and my little one still wakes up by 7am, even though she didn't make it to bed till 11pm the night before. She was back in bed and having a nap by the time church started. We were heading out to another birthday that afternoon, so I wanted her to get some rest.

Our friends Sheena and Aaron were celebrating their oldest Julian's fourth birthday with a pirate themed pool party. The party was awesome and they did a great job on all the details, but I didn't get any pictures since I spent the whole time keeping an eye on Olivia in the pool. Even though it was a thousand degrees, we had a great time and Olivia played till she couldn't play anymore. She crashed before we even out out of the neighborhood good.

After her second nap for the day, we had dinner and headed out to Wally world to pick up a few things. We had to laugh because earlier in the weekend, David took her to get a new baby carrier and some more baby bottles, but on Sunday evening, she spent all evening playing with the $2 paint roller I had bought. David laughed saying that evidently he had taken her to the wrong department the day before.

Our weekend was a busy one, but a fun one. This week we have another busy week, but are excited because it involves my mom and John coming down for a few days to help me with Olivia.

And....we're hoping we might have some exciting news to share soon!!!! : )


Kameron said…
We have a hard time with restaurants right now too. She is just so screetchy!! I can't keep her entertained long enough for the food to arrive and then God forbid I try to eat my food. lol hey will grow out of it. Until then I just take them to loud restaurants and hope for the best, but I always feel bad if they seat us near old people. I am sure they don't want to hear that!

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