My honest thoughts: the kindle

I've heard several conversations lately about that ongoing vs. real books.

After six months of ownership, I though I'd give my honest thoughts on it.

I'm a book person. I love books. In fact, you know how everyone has their "thing" they collect. I realized a couple of years ago, that books were my "thing." My friends will tell you that I can walk around a store for an hour with a $15 shirt in my hand, debating on whether its worth it or not. Then next, walk into a book store, throw down $40 on books in fifteen minutes, and not give it a second thought.

Last year I read an article in Parents magazine that has some statistic about how many books in your home and your childs IQ. I cannot now remember the exact statistic or find the magazine I read it in, but it was something along the lines of for every 100 books in your home, it raises your childs IQ a point or two. We decided to count our books to see where we stacked up and we stopped counting at 500. That didn't include our children's books are the few boxes in the attic of books we never unpacked.

Valentines Day of last year, my Mother-in-law (who is also an avid reader), received a kindle from my father-in-law. For several months, she tried to get me to realize it wonderfulness. I was one of those people who swore the e-readers were the demise of books and I would never own one!!! My argument was that of most...I just love the feeling of a book.

My birthday rolled around and my hubby suggested would I like one? I was still standing strong on my swearing off of the e-readers when Christmas came a few months later and on Christmas eve, I was surprised to open up a new Kindle.

I'm now having to eat my words again because I love it.

I love it for what it is...convenient. It's easy to throw in my purse and go. It's easier to read those big thick novels that seem to be such a daunting task when you look at them in book form....kinda like Gone with the Wind. Plus, let me tell you.....Gone with the Wind is not one you can just throw in your purse. On trips, I love the fact that I no longer have to pack three or four books. I now only take my kindle and if I finish the one I'm reading, I download a new one.

I still love books. In fact, out of the 24 books I've read this year so far. Only six of those were on the kindle. The rest were normal books.

I now realize that the e-reader has it's place, but it will never be able to replace the actual book. I still do and will keep on buying books. Even since I've gotten my kindle, I still usually place an amazon order at least once a month. But, I do still love my kindle and so glad my MIL decided to not listen to me.

If your an avid reader, I think they are totally worth the price.


Meredith said…
I think I'd be like you--reading books on the Kindle sometimes, but mostly in "hard" I just don't know if I can justify the cost!

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