A bad case of "MINE"

We're having a bad case of the "mine."

Everything in our house currently is hers and it's driving me insane.

I hate saying it, but it didn't start till she went to VBS and since then everything is "MINE." Even when she's the only child around the house, she still says it at least thirty times a day.

Yesterday, we were coloring and she started taking the crayons out of my hands and claiming "mine."

After ten times of explaining that we share and everything is not hers, I finally stooped to saying "I bought it, so it's really mine!"

Yeah, it was my parenting moment of the year.

A few minutes later, her and I were literally going back and forth like children over something else. So much so, Dave even had to step in and say "amber?!?" to get me back to reality and the fact I was arguing with a 22 month old.

Which amazes me and scares me how well she can argue for a 22 month old who doesn't even use complete sentences.

Heaven help us in a few years.


Kameron said…
We are in this stage too and she's not even 20 months! She grabs my glasses and then screams at me when I try to take them away! I am hoping with the strives in the verbal department the screeching goes away! Good luck with yours too!

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