Brain Dump

  • David and I watched a documentary about Lyme disease on Wednesday night and I have to say that I'm totally freaked out now and worried (which most will tell you, I'm not one to worry about stuff like that). Only because I had a bad tick bite back in March and Olivia has had a bite on her back for a week or so that looks similar to mine. I know that doesn't mean anything, but the documentary scared the poop out of me. Which makes me it good to watch those kind of shows to make you aware, or is it best just not to know?
  • The air condition in our bedrooms went out while we were on vacation. It wasn't too bad at first, but as the week has gone on, it's gotten hot. Our air guy cannot get here till beginning of next week, so we're camping out on the living room floor again. Buying a house with two AC units was one of the most awesome decisions we've ever made if I say so myself!
  • Speaking of the hotness....on May 17th, I made chilli for dinner and had the heat on. On June 1st, the car thermostat was reading 100! Craziness!!!
  • Wednesday was just one of those days for us. OK was in a bad mood and no matter how hard I tried, she wasn't getting out of her funk. I've been trying really hard to be as patient as I can because we all just have those days some days. I should be embarrassed to tell you that we watched seven full episodes of Sesame Street. It was the only thing she wanted to do, so we camped out in front of the tv all day. That rarely happens with her, so I soaked up laying around with her. At one point she even crawled up beside me and cuddled with me. I was in heaven.
  • Olivia loves going through my bathroom drawers and she found a scrunchie in one of the drawers about a week ago. The girl has hardly taken the thing off all week. I find it hilarious that she ALWAYS puts it on the same arm and in the same spot. No clue why she's so into arm bands at the moment and I promised her Auntie Aubry I'd have the thing off before the wedding tonight.
  • The wedding is tonight and I'm so excited for it!!! Since I'm playing a part in it, I'm not sure I'll get many pictures, but I'll post some as soon as the photographer gets some up. I know they won't read this till the get back from their week in St. Lucia, but Congrats again Aubry and Jeremy!!!! So happy for you both and thank you so much for letting us be apart of y'alls day!!!! Love you both!!!


Tristan said…
i love reading your brain dumps!

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