Orange Beach 2011

Pretty much like our Memorial Day celebration, our beach trip was pretty much your typical beach trip.....mornings spent at the beach, hours playing in the sand, afternoon naps, dinner out, swimming in the evening....yep, us Mabreys are an exciting bunch!

Last year, Olivia was all about the beach....this year, not so much. We were there for about 30 minutes everyday before she warmed up to it...after that, she had fun. It took her the entire trip to get brave enough to get in the water. In her defense, the waves were pretty rough majority of the week. Her favorite part of the beach was the guy in the tractor grading the sand. She waved and blew him kisses every single time he went by. All 163 times. By the 75th time, he had stopped waving, but she didn't.

One morning, David and his dad went deep sea fishing, so us girls had a day trip to the Gulf Shores Zoo. Let me say I was very impressed. I would highly recommend it for anyone going to visit that area. Olivia enjoyed it even though it was already 100 degrees. Olivia's favorite part was the baby Bengal tigers. They were good enough to make her get out of her wagon. Personally, I could have taken that baby goat home. It was so tiny and cute.

We ate out most of the time and still didn't even make it to all the places we wanted. I have to say that I was highly impressed with several of the restaurants there, because they had play areas for the kids to play while eating or waiting. They were life savers. We've both been to that area several times before, but this was our first time down there as parents, and I have to say we were impressed. The area is very family friendly. There was just enough to do to not stay bored, but it was not overly crowded or overly built up. They had great public beach areas and a park that put our neighborhood park to shame. There is also a bunch of museums and other day activities that would have been great for Olivia as she gets older. We will definitely be going back.

I only took around 100 pictures and now that we're back home, I feel like I didn't get hardly any of our week at the beach. I've got to do better about picking up the camera.

My one complaint of the week is that it felt way too short. It seriously felt like a four day weekend instead of seven days. A lot of that was due to how David's vacation was scheduled, we decided that next year we need to be more careful of when he starts his vacation because it felt like for him, he didn't even get one.
A few more weeks and Olivia and I are heading back to the beach with my family. David unfortunately has to stay behind for that trip. We have a ten day vacation coming up in October, but we're still working out what we're going to do. I'm hoping we go back to the beach! : )


Tristan said…
i am so not a beach that all sounded like an awesome vacay!

Olivia is getting so big!!
The Popes said…
Is that a FLOPPY HAT I see!?!?!
Laura said…
Oh my goodness - I could eat her up! Her little hat and sunglasses! Adorable!
Kameron said…
She is such a cutie and has a great selection of swim wear! :o) I would have wanted to take that goat home too! Ha!

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