Seeing Red

I knew it was only a matter of time before we had some kind of "mess" that couldn't be easily corrected. Olivia is way too curious for our house to stay as accident free as it has so far.

She was contently paying in the play room this morning, so I went into the kitchen to get me a glass of water and noticed the Old Navy receipt on the counter from a purchase last night. Then I remembered that if you fill out the survey, you get another 10% off. I was planning to go back there tonight to pick up a few extra things for our beach trip next week, so I thought I'll go fill it out while I'm thinking about it.

After ten minutes of uninterrupted time, I noticed it was quiet.

Way too quiet.........

Evidently, I forgot to lock the craft closet door and she found a toy she could climb on to and get to a couple of craft paints I had left sitting on the counter.

Yeah, she started crying the moment I walked in the room...

This may be bad parenting, but I didn't even get on to her. I was too mad at myself. She knew she wasn't supposed to be in the paint and was crying uncontrollably without my saying a word, so I didn't say a word. I took her in the kitchen, cleaned her up, and put her in her crib while I tried to clean it up somewhat.

I'm honestly a little disturbed with the baby dolls legs. They look a little too much like blood for me.

This is what I'm left with...

And a better view of how noticeable it is...

Of course, she couldn't have just stayed in the closet to paint her legs....that would have been way too easy for mom to hide.

Looks like I'll be saving up for a new rug. Ugh!


Jennifer said…
That's what I was gonna suggest - time for a throw rug.

Way to go mom for not losing your cool too. Cause wow, that is RED!
Anonymous said…
I'm chuckling so hard at my desk, hang in there momma, you're doing well!!!
Anonymous said…
Look at the "bright" side....She could have painted your nice white couch red :) OY!

Amy King
Ha! You made my day or OK made my day! This makes me feel better about the kids getting into the permanent markers and writing on themselves and the wall! Hope it comes out!
Tristan said…
oh no!!!!

maybe call the profssional cleaners..or try to rent one of the cleaners your'd be surprised at the stuff they will get up.
have you tried oxy lean..t-a puked bright pink cereal on my foor and that is the ONLY thing that would get it up.

good thing she stayed away fromt he couch!!