The Wedding

I may have mentioned a time....or twenty...that we had a wedding this past weekend.

My little sister cousin, Aubry, tied the knot with Mr. Storm on Friday evening on the two year anniversary of their first date.

To describe the wedding in one word, it would be STUNNING.

The bride was absolutely stunning and I mean that. I believe most brides are beautiful on their wedding day, but Aubry was absolutely stunning. She took your breathe away when you saw her. Yes, I BAWLED when she walked down the aisle with my Uncle George. It was on the verge of an ugly cry. Thankfully, everyone is staring at the bride at that moment and not the Matron of Honor.

The gardens they got married at.....breathtaking. I wish I lived there (along with the twenty Mexicans that keep it beautiful). It was so peaceful and you could tell, filled with history.

The decorations were very personal and so them. The tent area for the dinning and dancing was perfect. I wish I had more pictures of the area, because I seriously wanted the same set up in my back yard. It felt very homey and like you were dancing with 100 of your closets friends in your back yard. David is already planning to hold his 40th birthday there. I'm already making plans for Olivia's wedding day.

I'm sure it's safe to say these two enjoyed every moment of their special day. Besides the fact it was hot (and it was HOT), everything went perfectly!!! I'm so thankful that they made it such a family affair and we got to be there every step of the day.

Unanimously, this picture was voted the favorite of the day so far. It sums up the feelings of the day perfectly.

Congratulations again Aubry & Jeremy!!!!

These are just some pics from facebook I stole, I'll post more when the professional gets some posted.


Callie said…
Ok, so it's a long story to how I found your blog. Somehow it started back with the Journey to Josie blog. My cousin is adopting. I was looking up blogs. Found hers. Then found yours. Then saw you were adopting and continued to follow. Anyway! Long story short, I have to know where your cousin got her bridesmaid dresses! I am getting married in December and that is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Thanks so much.

Tristan said…
wow..that DOES look stunning!

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