My baby girl turned a year and a half on Wednesday.

Please excuse me while I ball up into a corner and cry.

No, seriously.

It hit me the other day when another mother at the park asked how old she was. When the words "she's 18 months" fell out. I almost fell onto the playgrounds rubber turf right there and started crying.

My baby is now closer to being two than she is one.

And that scares me.

Time seems to be flying by. I know completely understand that song "don't blink." It seemed like just a few months ago, we were bringing her home from the hospital and now she's scaling the kitchen cabinets.

I absolutely adore the stage she is at right now, but every so often, I want the skinny, bald baby who never sleeps, cries all the time, and just hates life in general back. At least then I could hold and cuddle her when I wanted to and not on her terms like it is now.

Who am I kidding??? She didn't even cuddle when she was a skinny bald baby. She was the only newborn carried out of the hospital who had to be held facing out on her mama's hip.

Still, she's getting big.

I know I stopped doing monthly posts awhile ago. I'll be quiet honest...I get bored reading them. If I see one posted on any mommy blogs I read, I'll skip it. Sorry, nothing personal, I just got bored reading them. I did however want to do a little post about just a few things we want to remember about her at this stage in her life.

*She is currently in LOVE with the broom and dust pan. You can see here. She plays with it everyday. I even went out and bought her a mini broom and of course, she wants the one mommy uses. So it was a total waste of $6.

*She is becoming such a little mini me. She copies ALL that I do. The other day, she was playing with her little vacuum and she kept sticking her left foot on the side of it and "pushing" her foot down. At first I was like "what the heck is she doing?" when I realized she was trying to turn it on like mommy turns on the big vacuum. My heart melted.

(hairbands on wrists...just like mommy. Except I promise I usually keep it to one or two.)

*She's becoming more and more a daddy's girl everyday (if that's even possible). I love seeing them two together!!! : )

*She is always dancing and bobbing her head. The girl loves some music!

(I had a better video, but this is the only one that survived the Flip Disaster of 2011.)

*She's starting to get into her baby dolls. So far, the $10 target baby is a favorite (sorry, Grandma and Grandpa), but it's still too early to tell if that's going to be "the baby."

*She's suddenly started to walk up and pat everyone on the back or head (if it's in her reach) and then gives you a little smile. It's so sweet. She does it gently, so I'm assuming that's her little way to say "I love you."

*She's finally got the correct timing on saying "hey" and waving to people.

*She still gives some of the best faces.

*The big thing lately is we're trying to wean her a little from the blankie a little. In the past she has taken it EVERYWHERE, but we're trying to get to were we keep it in the bed only (kinda like most do with a paci). You may have noticed that her face is chapped on the corners of her mouth. It's from where she sucks on the blanket all the time and the blanket staying constantly wet. It's gotten to the point I cannot get it to heal, so this is the only way. Plus, she won't be able to take her blankie with her to school in the fall, so I figured we better start working on it now. She'll cry the first few minutes after you get her from her bed, but after that, she's fine. We've even gotten to the point that we can ride in the car without it. Fingers crossed we'll be night time only soon!


Anonymous said…
Your video is marked private- so I can't see it, but I'm sure she's boppin' around!
Tristan said…
haha..her faces crack me up!
she is such a spitfire!
Kameron said…
Yeah, I do the monthly posts for me. I always want to remember the stages and the funny things that I know I will forget if I don't write them down. :) I love her little piggie tails! Arielle is just starting to get enough hair to clip back...almost! lol

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