Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming....

That pretty much has been my mantra for the last week or so.

I didn't mean to go a whole week without blogging, but things have been a little off kilter this last week an half.

I'm sad to say that we had a sudden and unexpected death in the family last week and it's kinda thrown us all off. I know some in real life have commented on the fact that I haven't mentioned anything on here, but this is actually the third death in our family this year. The first two were expected, so they were a little easier to get through and we were prepared for them. This last one though...not so much.

Add on top of that, my turn to host bookclub and helping throw a shower this week.....my mind is mush.

The #1 question I get these days, is "have y'all heard anything?" The answer is no. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, refer to my last post. We haven't heard a dang thing from the caseworker for over a week now. I'll be honest and tell you that the waiting is getting to me. It consumes my thoughts and mind almost 24/7 now. I wish now that our caseworker hadn't even said anything to us until she had gotten our homestudy approved. I've almost convinced my self that she didn't even call and I've made it all up. However, I still have all her emails on my phone, so I know she really did call us. We have no time line on how long this part takes and they haven't given us any clue. Since ours is considered "non emergency," they are evidently not in a hurry. In my mind, I know there are several technical reasons that it is better that it's taking a little long, but it's hard to tell my heart to be patient.

We are still super excited about it, we talk about "our kids" everyday, and we still feel like this is it. We're okay with not physically having them in our home right now, but we do wish they would give us a little more information than they have.

Prayers we hear something soon!!! Especially yours, Andrea!!!! ; )

In other news...

On Tuesday, Nicole and I cheated on our usual MOPS group and attended a different MOPS group that had a coupon lady come and speak. You can laugh, but I finally feel like I understand how it all works. This lady dumbed it down to our level and had a very detailed handout. I'm excited to get started in it. She said it takes on average about 12 weeks to really feel like your seeing results. She feeds a family of 13 every night on average of $75 a week!!! That is crazy!!! Don't worry, I promise to not become one of the people on that extreme couponing everyone keeps talking about. With adding three more kids, I've got to find a way to save on food!!!

Olivia went for her 18 month check up this Thursday. She is now weighing in at a whopping 25lbs. I was pretty sure she had gained this go round (she gained nothing last checkup), but it was still a huge sigh of relief when I saw the scale go up past 22lbs. The only concern I had was about her talking, but the doctor says she feels she has no real concern yet. If her speech doesn't grow in the next three months, I can bring her in for a hearing test, but we're pretty sure she hears fine since I can give her directions and she follows them. Thankfully, she only had to get one shot and she good for a couple of years. Overall, she had a great checkup and the doctor was happy with what her.

We've also learned this week that a tutu makes everything better. I slipped this on her the other day and she hasn't taken it off since. She's wearing it as we speak.

And I wonder who she gets this stance from???

No clue!!! : )

Happy Friday!!!!


Kameron said…
I have been absent for about a week too. It is so hard to find the time these days. I'm sorry to hear you had a loss in the family. I know you are stressed and I'm sure that being added is very difficult. :o( Do you have the handout just on paper or online? I would love to see it. i struggle with couponing and would liek to get better at it!
Tristan said…
so sorry to hear about your loss..praying for your mushy brain :)

oh my word..she looks so big..and her mouth looks much better, whatever your doing is working!! her hair is getting long..eee!!

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