Not what I had in mind....

When I said Monday I wanted a quiet week, this is not really what I had in mind...

Olivia has come down with the croup. It's nasty folks.

I had to kind of laugh when the doctor handed me the croup handout yesterday morning. The second line in the first paragraph states "because of it's symptoms it can be as scary for parents as well as children." I can verify that statement to be true. I have never been so scared for my child as I was on Monday night.

We did have a quiet Monday...went to the gym, had dinner with the parents,.....and for the majority of the day Olivia was fine. Then suddenly around 5pm, she started with the awful cough that comes along with croup. It wasn't bad, but I was a little concerned, so I called to see when the pediatrician opened the next day. They happened to still be open (but closing in 10 minutes), so I went ahead and made her an appointment for the next day. For the rest of the evening, she seemed fine and even started acting a little better. I even made the comment I might cancel her appointment. However, at 10pm, things got bad real quick.

I'll go ahead and be honest....Monday night was the first time I have ever not followed my instincts as a parent. It was so bad that I was seriously contemplating taking her to the children's hospital ER, but for whatever reason, I didn't. All night I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I kept telling myself if we could just make it till her doctor's appointment at 8:30am. I have never prayed as hard as I did on Monday night. Her and I ended up with getting a little less than two hours of sleep. The worst part was seeing her in pain and not being able to do anything for her.

In hindsight, everything worked out for the good and there was no real need for me to take her to the ER. But, I still feel guilty I didn't do what I felt like at the time I should have. I was very thankful when the doctor diagnosed her and put me a little more at ease with what was really going on. If your not familiar, croup is something that literally sounds worse than it is. It sounds like she's having trouble breathing and like she's gasping for air. It's actually the windpipe and voicebox that swollen and making it difficult to breathe, not her lungs like I originally thought. The doctor said her lungs sounded good and clear. Either way, it's sounds scary.

The doctor put her on a steroid for three days, to help with the swelling and after taking her second dose last night before bed, it seemed to finally start working. She seemed much better better before we put her to bed. The steroid also seems to make her wired, because after taking it at 7pm, she was up and running around like a crazy child at 10pm. We had a MUCH better night last night and she actually slept through the night. David is off today, so I'm hoping for her to be in a much better mood.

Thanks for all the prayers yesterday (via facebook)!!! I really appreciated & needed them all!!!


Kameron said…
I've heard that sounds really scary. Glad that she's doing better!
Anonymous said…
So glad she is doing better! She is a trooper!!
Tristan said…
so scary!!!
t-a had the slightest touch of it and i was a worried mess!!
she passed out with the steroid

Praying she is much better!!

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