Our Easter Weekend

I can say we had a great Easter weekend.

It started on Friday with Amy hosting an all day Girl's Slumber party at my house for some of our Mommy friends. Amy told us the only rules were....no kids (unless they were breastfeeding or had croup) and to wear some comfy clothes. She brought a ton of delicious food and some chick flicks and we spent the whole day watching movies and talking. Awww....it was so needed, especially after the week we had with Olivia. We sat around, talked, laughed, and ate lots of food. I could seriously do it every week!

Saturday morning, our church held a community wide Egg hunt at the fair grounds. I was warned that it would be crazy, so I went back and forth on whether to take Olivia or not. On Saturday morning when we woke up, the sky was dark and it was windy. I had told myself I wasn't going to take her since she had been sick, but then I got a call from Amy begging me to bring her some pants. She wore shorts and was freezing! So, I loaded up Olivia and we headed that way.

I can't say she had a fantastic time. She still seemed to be out of it from the croup. We didn't stay but about 30 minutes, long enough for her to take two rounds on the ponies and Amy to paint a flower on her face. She was scared of the ponies in case your wondering. I don't see horseback riding lessons in our near future. Since we didn't stay long, we unfortunately missed the egg hunt. Hopefully next year!

A random side story....I decided that afternoon to go to Publix because most of their buy one get one free deals that week was stuff we use. I still don't have many coupons, but would still save a bundle since it's stuff we use. So once David got home, I drove 30 minutes down the road to our nearest Publix. Shopped for almost an hour, got to the check out and had all my coupons in hand. When it came time to pay, I realized I had forgotten my wallet and had no way to pay. I stood at the front of the store with my buggy FULL of groceries waiting for David and Olivia to show up with my wallet. I wasn't about to put it all back and not get my deals. I had about five managers come up to ask if everything was okay. In true Publix fashion, they even offered to let me sit in the break room until my husband got there. I told them I would take my punishment and stand there and just have everyone stare at me. I won't say it was embarrassing, but I felt like a dork.

Sunday morning, Olivia and I headed off to church while the hubby headed off to the Waffle. I had nursery duty that morning, so I'm sad to say I didn't actually get to hear a Easter service (and we couldn't make it to early service on time). The nursery was CrAzY and we had to call in back up. Olivia normally does fine when I'm in there, but I think since she was sick and so clingy last week, she was clingy while I was in nursery. It was a grand time! ha! : )

After wards, we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's to celebrate Easter with my side of the family. The Easter bunny showed up at their house for Olivia with a huge bubble wand and some bubbles. Between Olivia and all the adults, I'm not sure who liked the bubbles the most since someone always seemed to be playing with them.

Olivia also got her fill of sweets. Between cupcakes and rice crispy treats, she was flying high!

I loved this pic of Olivia and my Meme. I don't have many pics of just the two of them. Olivia and her were having a conversation about something very important. I think it was about how un-lady like it is to go around picking up discarded cupcake wrappers and licking them. Not that any certain little girls were doing that....and note the cupcake in her hair!

After lunch, we headed home to pick up hubby and then headed out to visit Nana and Grandpa. The Easter bunny was feeling extra kind at their house and left her with several neat things such as a sandbox, a wagon, and picnic table (yeah, don't feel bad, that Easter bunny only visits their house!!!). Of course we had to tear into something right away. We decided on the wagon since it was the easiest to fit already put together in SUV. Olivia has been loving it. It's kinda funny because she still plays with her cozy car everyday and is always trying to fit way too much in it. We've been telling her for some time that she needs a mini-van! The wagon seems to be fitting the bill since she can now fit as much as her little heart desires into it. It's currently sitting in our office stuffed with purses and baby dolls.

We ended our Easter with carry out dinner from Applebee's and leftover carrot cake and key lime pie. It's rare that all seven of us Mabrey's are together at one time. We see David's parents a lot, but because of work schedules, don't get to spend much time with his brother and Lisa. It's nice to have dinner every once and awhile with all of us. It was a great way to end a already good day!


Tristan said…
she looks so sweet, glad she is feeling better for her..and you!!!
Amy said…
Ugh! I look like I have 50 chins in that pic! Oh well, at least she let me paint her purty little face!

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