The sweet spot.

It's been no with this baby has been no walk in the park.

Buuuuuuuuutttttt............we've seemed to finally hit that sweet spot.

Technically she turned ten months just last Friday, but for the past few weeks, we've seen a major change in our Milla-moo (Yes, that's the nickname the poor kid has earned.  She can thank her daddy for that one).

Ten months has been kinder to us all.

She's finally happy with life.


Unless she's hungry or sleepy, she's pretty much smiling and laughing constantly.

She still has days that she wants to only be held, but, they are starting to seem fewer and far between.  Those days, I've been trying really hard to put my to-do list aside and oblige her, since I know those days will soon come to an end. 

I can't get enough of her smile.  It takes up her whole face just like her daddy's and she's still her daddy's twin....just the girl version.

She's done with baby food and completely insulted if you even try to offer.  We're slowly starting to add milk to her bottles and she's quickly seeming to perfer those bottles over any straight formula ones we offer....can we say Thank you Lord!!!

Oh, and don't dare try to feed insult to a ten month old.


The biggest thing I've notice with her is that she's totally content playing alone.  It seemed like for the first two and a half years of Olivia's life, she was constantly underneath me and wanting to be entertained.  Amelia will contently play alone for hours at a time.  I won't's sooooooooo nice.  As long as she knows we're in sight or ear shot, she's good.

She's been crawling for a few months now and she's fast.  Though she's started cruising the furniture these past few weeks, I think it will still be a few months before she walks, just because she's so fast and quickly get where she needs to go with crawling.

Oh, and she's into EVERYTHING!!!

Her biggest challenge still is sleeping through the night.  She did it once, but I'm not holding my breathe just yet.  I think once she can start getting a little more food in her (I'm convinced she has a tiny stomach), she'll keep it up.  However, it's nice to know now she can make it eleven straight hours without eating.  So, there's hope!!!

She's become such a joy to us these days.  She's always been a blessing, but for a long time, life with her was hard.  Really, really hard. For so long it felt like we were just constantly struggling to get through the day. 

These days...her smile, her laugh, her chunky thighs, her constant babble....I can't get enough of her.

Looks like we may just survive this first year after all. 

And, yes....her ten month photo shoot was in the middle of Hobby Lobby.  That's how we roll.


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