Some Friday Favorites

I wanted to post about the wedding, but the pool is calling our names.

For now, I'll leave you with a few things I'm loving at the moment....

This is this months bookclub pic and y'all....I just can't even.  It's rare when a book leaves an impression on me like this one did.  I finished it days ago and I'm still thinking about it. If you're a daughter, if you have a daughter, if you're a mother, if you have a mother...this book is a must.  I literally bawled at the end of this book.  So much so that David had to ask if I was okay and then I bawled as I read the last few paragraphs to him.  Then I yelled at Nic at 10pm for not warning me it was a tear jerker. I promise though it's a good cry.  This book is a must this summer!

I've been rocking these sandals from Old Navy for a week now and I'm in love!!! They are plastic but still look like you're a little classy.  The best part is they are super comfy! I will be sporting these all summer.  Oh and even better, they are only $10 ($12.99 online)!!!

I discovered these two last summer and though I use them during the winter too, it's officially time for them to do their thing since it's SUMMER HAIR time!!! Also known as....I'm to lazy to do anything with my hair time  The beach babe texture spray smells just like the beach and I may over use it just for the smell.  Best part, you can find them both at Target and some Walmarts for under $5. 

So, what are you loving these days?   I'm a sucker for trying something new.  

Off to pack the pool bag.  Happy weekend! : )


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