Dance Recital Day or the day I fell even more in love with my family

I mentioned that our busy May was leading up to one big weekend.

Technically, this past weekend was a big one for this girl....

She had her second dance recital of her dance career, and she was flower girl for my cousins wedding.

We started the crazy weekend with a two and a half hour dress rehearsal on Friday.  I along with probably all the other parents rolled my eyes at the length of time, but surprisingly, it did end up taking that long.

Last year she kept us laughing by waving the whole way through the performance, but this year she actually danced.

I'm not going to be one of those moms....believe me, I don't expect Julliard to be knocking on our door anytime soon, but you could tell a big difference between this year and last.  As much as a four year old could...she looked like she somewhat had an idea of what she was doing.

However, Olivia's dancing wasn't what left me teary eyed that day.

This weekend was a crazy busy weekend, not just for us, but our whole family in the fact that my cousin Kyndall was getting married.  On top of dance recitals, the weekend was filled to the brim with the usual wedding activities...bridal luncheons, dinner rehearsals, bachelor know the drill.

Last year, we took up almost an entire center row with all who came to watch Olivia dance.  I had already been warning Olivia that because of the wedding, there were only going to be a few of us that could come watch her, so don't be disappointed that not everyone could come watch.

Once again, my family blew me away with their love for my kids.

As parents, you know the love you have for your children....but it's something else to see the love others have for them.

Family was showing up literally moments before the show started.  In between all the wedding festivities, they made sure to take the time out to watch a four year old dance a total of six minutes.  For those who couldn't make it due to the tight wedding schedule, Uncle Jeremy was videoing her performances and immediately sending them to the rest.   

I repeatedly told them all thank you and how much it meant to me they came, only to get "we wouldn't miss it!"

I mean, seriously???

Saturday afternoon, I sat in the row, looking to my left and right at a once again almost packed center row full of family.  I teared up just thinking about how grateful I am for family.

Can we say love tank overfill???


Family who made sure a four year old's yearly dance recital didn't get completely overshadowed by a once in a lifetime wedding.

Thank you all again.  

It's something this mama will forever be grateful for.

***A big thank you goes to  my mom who came down from Nashville to not only see Olivia dance, but also was a huge help with Amelia during all the wedding festivities.  Oh, and she got up for Amelia's nightly feedings so I could get some was seriously the only way I survived the weekend!!! Thanks again, Mom!!!***


Tristan said…
We had a whirlwind wedding weekend a few weeks ago that ended up with my niece and nephew's recital, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world..even though I was sooooo tired..haha. Dance recitals are a big deal! :)

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