First day~May 2014

Here is a peek into our first day of May in crappy cell phone pics...

(Nothing but quality around here folks!)

Confession: Olivia started to become addicted to Imagination Movers on Disney Jr. a few months back. At first I thought it was just as annoying as my boy Caillou, but now I've actually started to taken a liking to the guys who sing and dance each morning.  I kinda have a little boy band crush on them all.

Okay, I should probably take a moment and explain something.  At the beginning of the year, the girls started going to a sitter twice a week.  I needed a little bit of a break and a friend was looking to keep a couple of kids each week.  This has been a huge blessing in all of our lives these past few months and we've fallen in love with our sitter and her family.  For the past month, Amelia has kept going twice a week and Olivia only once.  I haven't talked about it publicly, but Olivia has had a rough past few months, this gives her one day a week that she has my full attention all to herself.  So, that being said, that is why Amelia is missing from a good chunk of the photos today.

Normally this is where I say I'm linking up with Nicole, but yesterday afternoon, Nicole took Gabe in to be checked out because he had been acting like he hadn't been feeling good all week.  He ended up being admitted due to a lot of fluid on his lungs and had to have a chest tube put back in late last night.  It looks like they are going to be there a few days.  Please keep them in your prayers. 


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