"Some babies...."

I know some people feel like I have no right to say anything, but this baby....

She's a tough one.

For a long time, I thought it was just me.  However, anyone who spends a large chunk of time with her will say the same.  I have a solid group now of those who say the same about her.  In fact, the girls sitter is a veteran mom of three and even she agrees, Amelia is a different breed of baby.  

After hard day #228 with her, I kinda laughed at myself when I thought of the saying you usually hear of how God doesn't give you what you ask for, instead he gives you what you need.  Because for three years, I asked and begged God for a baby.  Well, evidently God thought I needed a good kick in the pants, not a baby.

On Easter Sunday, Amelia woke up with a cold.  She acted pretty fine and made it through Easter festivities without much fuss.  The next two days though, she pretty much cried nonstop.  It was one those were nothing was making her happy.  I called late Tuesday for the very first sick appointment on Wednesday morning.  Verdict...she had an ear infection in both ears, a nasty cold, and a fourth tooth coming through.  Okay, can you blame her for being in a bad mood?  I would have hated the world too.

They gave her a round of meds and said if she didn't perk up in 48 hours to bring her back in.  Well, two more days go by and she's still hating life.  Friday, I called the moment the appointment line opened and took her back in for round two of the doctors that week. 

No lie....about 20 minutes before it's time to leave for our appointment, she suddenly perks up.  By the time we get to the doctor, a totally different child. Of course, I had already shelled out another $30 for the copay by then.  The doctor comes in, goes through the normal routine, looks at her ears and declares "her ears both look perfect. Any signs of the ear infection on Wednesday are gone." 

Okay, it's not that I wanted her to still be sick.  I'm grateful for my healthy girls.  Believe me, after watching several friends go through stuff with their kids, I'm truly grateful.  However, it would be nice to have a reason for why this child is never happy with the world.

Just then, the doctor throws it at me "you know, some babies do just have a certain disposition."


So, I just payed $30 for you to tell me the only thing wrong with my baby is she has an attitude.

I seriously just started laughing.  I'm sure the doctor thought I might have needed to have my head examined.  It's just I didn't need to pay $30 to hear that....I've been saying that for months now.

"Some babies..."

Thank goodness she's cute. 

Heaven help us these next 24 years. 
It's going to be a miracle if we both make it.


Tristan said…
oh gosh...she is so so cute though ;)

Easter sounded rough for a lot this year! Glad Olivia is all better!!
Jennifer said…
Oh girl I know. I have an attitude baby too. They are so lucky they're adorable!!

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