We're moving to the farm.

Okay, so it's not technically a true farm at the moment, but hopefully soon it will be a little hobby farm with chickens, pigs, and maybe one day a couple of horses.

As Nicole announced on her blog Friday, we're moving to the farmhouse in just a few weeks.

Nic shared most of the story, but the family who originally planned on moving in and who did all the hard work on renovations could no longer move in because of an sudden out of state move, so that's where we come into the picture.

The funny part is, it all started with Josie.  Right after they were told the other family wouldn't be able to move in, Josie asked me if we could move into the farmhouse.  My initial response was "no....sorry, but that won't work."  We want to remain friends.

But, then we started thinking more about and thought maybe...just maybe...it could work.

We then spent the next month discussing things, setting up some boundaries, working out the last of the details and then making it official.

Now that we've worked out the details, the anticipation has grown greatly and we're all a little excited.  It's rare that you have a whole family be best friends.  Our kids are best friends, our husbands are best friends....to be able to live right next door seems like a dream come true.  We've laughed because years ago we used to throw around "wouldn't it be so cool to live next door to each other" never thinking it would actually be a possibility one day. 

It may seem kinda out of left field that David and I want to have a small hobby farm, but it's actually been a dream of ours since before we got married.  Through the years we have talked often of how one day we wanted a little bit of land and a small little farm of our own.  However though, there are a lot of things that contributed to the fact that right now wasn't the best time in our lives to achieve that dream. 

The set up with the Popes though kinda gives a chance to take a stab at hobby farm life with out any major commitment just in case David gets a opportunity that we can't pass up job wise.

Plus, if you know us, we're suckers for an old house.  Owning an old farm house has been a fixture on our life bucket list since the beginning, so for now "living" in an old farm house will satisfy that want.  We have always loved the character and quirkiness of old houses and the farmhouse for sure fits that description.

A few have asked what any worries we have are and to be completely honest...it's Amelia sleeping through the night.  Though we're not losing much space square feet wise, we are losing a bedroom and the girls will have to share.  We're not opposed to kids sharing rooms and had always planned for the girls to eventually share a room, but we thought it would be farther down the road.  Right now Amelia still gets up multiple times a night.  I'm hoping we only have a few more months of that and then they can share a room without her waking Livi up ten times a night.  I may or may not be praying each day that she just magically starts sleeping through the night.  My prayers haven't been answered just yet.

Otherwise, we're really excited and can't wait to move in.  Excited to have space for our girls to roam, best friends to live beside, and the chance to start a new hobby.

I'm sure there will be plenty of stories of the farm in the blogs future. 

It's going to be an adventure for sure.


Lanie Beth said…
Super fun! Excited for the Mabreys and the Popes!
What a fun adventure!!! So excited for y'all and the Nikki's family!

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