Six months of Millie Jane.

This baby hit the six month mark yesterday.

I know this is the point where most moms say "it's flown by" won't be hearing that from me today.

Let's be's been a long six months.

But this baby....

oh my.

These days, she steals my heart everyday. 

This past month seemed to be that magic month for Millie.  For the longest time, I kept hearing those other parents who have been through the colic trenches say "one month it just magically stops and they seem happy." It seemed like our magic month was never coming, but it finally showed up.  Colic seems to finally be a thing of the past. Praise Jesus!!!

She has only two modes...happy or screaming. Thankfully, she's happy majority of the time these days.

Her smile still takes up her whole face and her laugh....I never get tired of hearing it.  At six months old, she has one of those laughs that comes from her gut and you can't help but to smile when she laughs.

She's just now taking a liking to baby food, but to be honest, I think she would rather have table food.

She's a screacher and she's LOUD....not one of her finest qualities. 

She wants to be moving so badly.  We all say she's going to walk before she learns to crawl.

She still watching Olivia like a hawk and you can tell she loves her so.  I was honestly a little worried about their age difference.  Their at that age difference that things could go either way, but it looks like they are going to be close.

The car situation seems to be getting better little by little.  We can now drive to the grocery store without us losing our minds.  However, long trips still are still a little dicey.  Hopefully by the time summer vacation rolls around, she'll be completely over her car issues.

She's got one little bottom tooth poking through and it should be completely out pretty soon. 

Oh, and she looks like a mini David to me.

Six months.

It seemed like it was forever away and we were never going to make it....but we did.

We survived.

Those first six months will probably never be forgotten, but we're hoping the next six months brings many more smiles and much better memories.


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