Welcome to Crazy!

The last week has ended up being one of the craziest we've had in awhile.

On Thursday evening, the girls and I left for my Pop Pop's funeral in Nashville.  We left at Amelia's bed time and though I wasn't stoked about driving that late at night with two small children alone, we made it with no problems and no tears.  Though I was glad I got to be with my family and say goodbye, I'll be honest, it was a tough trip.  We stayed in a hotel and hotels are not made for small children.  Plus, I was by myself with them.  My Mom, John, and my brother were awesome about coming to help me as much as they could, but it was still a lot of work.   We all got very little sleep and it wasn't our normal routine, but overall the girls were troopers and did as good as expected. It was a long 48 hours.

We headed back Saturday around lunch and I was hoping Amelia would sleep most of the way home but instead she screamed the majority of it.  Needless to say, she still hasn't gotten over her hate for the car seat.

Sunday, we moved to the farmhouse.

I've gotten a lot of "we didn't expect it so soon" and to be honest, we didn't either.  However, last week David realized this was his only week in the month with two days off in a row.  The rest of the month he only gets one day off a week and due to people on vacation, things couldn't be switched around.  So, things got kicked into high speed.

My saint of a Mother in law took the girls all day Sunday and I started making trips back and forth to the farmhouse with the van.  Sunday afternoon, David's dad brought home a moving truck (if you are in our area and ever need one, David's dad has the hook up with Penske moving trucks) and started loading the moving truck before David could even get home.  Our original plan was to load everything, mattresses to go in last, and then we'd go to the farmhouse, unload the mattresses, and leave the rest for David and I to unload on Monday.  Well, the guys ended up unloading the whole truck on Sunday night. 

Seriously, they are rock stars when it comes to moving (maybe because we move all the time???).  They loaded and unloaded our house in four hours!!!  I told David that if things didn't work out at the waffle, they could totally be professional movers.  He however kinda rolled his eyes on that one.

Anyways....we're here at the farmhouse now and I have internet again as of this morning!

So, as you can see, life has been a tad bit crazy.

Currently I'm standing in a sea of boxes and feeling very overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.  Teething six month olds don't really let you get a lot done when it comes to unpacking.

It's only been two days, but I'm loving it so far. 

Our furniture seems to be made for the house and it's funny because things we thought wouldn't fit (like our kind size bed and dining room table), seem to fit perfectly.  We're short on closets and storage space, so it's going to be tricky figuring that stuff out, but we'll get there.

The girls are both doing wonderfully.  Olivia is in heaven with her best friend 50 yards away (and Mama is too) and she is loving the farmhouse in general.  The girls haven't slept in the same room yet, Amelia has been sleeping in the pack and play in our room, but hopefully it will come soon enough. I'm ready for her to be sleeping through the night for several reasons....after six months, I'm tired.

Though we are not taking credit for any of the renovations that the other family did, there is still a lot that needs to be done, so David has had his hands full the past two days with trying to get the essential things taken care of.

I'd love to wiggle my nose and have everything magically in place and projects finished, but I have to keep reminding myself these things take time.

And with morning views like this....

It's totally going to be worth it.


kimmer said…
I'm so super excited for you and David and your beautiful girls!!! How fun to live so close to good friends and to be out there in the country...it's so lovely out there!!!
Just put things down and go out for a walk down that long winding driveway when things get too hectic...and take some deep breaths. It'll all get done in time. Enjoy your new home!!!
Tristan said…
I love living in the middle of no where too :) except..i'd like my driveway to not be so silly..lol.

can't wait to see pics!

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