A side note to yesterday's post and I lied....I do have one goal.

First off, I wanted to say that in my post yesterday it may have came across that I was blaming my un-enjoyable year all on Amelia. 

Remember that what you read on here is not always the full story.   That's not to say that I lie on my blog, I'm actually quite open....sometimes too open according to my husband....but I also don't share a lot of our life for everyone to read. 

Last year came with a lot of hardships. 

We've had some on going family issues that are stressful and emotionally draining for all in our extended family.  My blog though isn't the place to talk about it and at the end of the day, it's not my story to share.

We've had to deal with some legal issues with our old house that has left us stuck in between a rock and a hard place.  Obviously, since it's legal and involves some not so nice neighbors, the blog isn't the place to take about it.

We've had some issues with landlords who don't want to live up to their side of things, even though we pay our rent on time every month.  Being that we're still in our rental house, I don't want to make things any harder than they already are.

We've had several pest/rodent problems.  Pests/rodent issues are annoying.  When you have two small children, pests/rodents are stressful.  That's all I'm going to say about that.

So, add on a stressful pregnancy, then colic and reflux...you can see why last year was a hard one and maybe not our best.

However, it doesn't mean I'm not grateful for my Millie Jane.  I love that baby girl with every fiber in me and I'd take a 100 hard years if it means I get to have her in our lives.

Just understand that any blog you read, you are only getting a glimpse into that persons life.  No matter how much they share, it's not the whole story. 

That being said, I do have one little goal for this year.

Pick up my real camera everyday. 

Over the last year or so, I've got in the habit of just picking up my phone to capture my girl(s).  Though that's great for the quick everyday moments, when I scrow through the pictures on my computer these days, I miss pictures from the real camera.  There is such a difference in the pictures from Olivia's first two years of life taken with the good camera, compared to the ones of her third with the phone. 

This year I'm making it a goal to pick up my real camera at least once a day.

I charged my battery on Monday morning and set my good camera out in the living room where I can quickly grab it.  I'm hoping just picking it up once a day for a few weeks will make it a habit to reach for it first instead of the phone. 

Every moment of our life doesn't have to be on instagram.

Along with that, I don't want to be afraid to pull my camera out.  Silly as it may sound, I get camera shy a lot of times.  I'll bring my camera along and never pull it out.  Even when I'm at family functions.  This year though, I'm trying to get over that and pulling the camera out.  When I look back at pictures years from now, I want to see all those I love, not just my girls.

Oh, and obviously I need to look up some editing tutorials. 


Ashley said…
I get camera why too. Then I get annoyed later with myself for not taking any pictures. Also, I double tapped to like the picture of your hubby cooking with Amelia in the high chair. Too sweet. Maybe because you mentioned Instagram? Ha!

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