The Big Three

This past weekend, my baby girl turned the big three.

Going into her third year, she's a dancing fool.  The kid is CONSTANTLY singing and dancing....enough so, we are seriously starting to think she might have a future in it. 

She has no shame in in bursting out in song for the entire neighborhood or store (or restaurant) to hear.

No lie, she worried for days about not having "a new song" to perform for everyone at her birthday party.  Unfortunately, I think she got so wrapped up in the birthday festivities, she forgot to perform her number.

She is obsessed with Disney Princesses and Mary Poppins these days.

Only for the fact they wear "twirlly" dresses and sing all day long.

We've totally ruined her already and she thinks we are supposed to go to Disney for every single vacation.  Hopefully she won't be too disappointed at the beach in a few weeks.

The things that come out of her mouth lately are hilarious.

I love how she says "oh, dear" and "that's a wonderful idea!" all the time.

My absolute favorite is how she just yells out randomly throughout the day, "Love you too, Mama!" 

And the way she says "Pascal" (from the movie Tangled) is pretty cute too.  I may or may not have asked to her repeat it a few times in a row, just because I love hearing her say it.

She's becoming such a sweet soul. 

The baby who never wanted to be held, now has turned into a love bug. 

Even though she's got the only child status (and informed us the other day she was just fine with that) and spoiled rotten, she is awesome with sharing whatever she has.

She's polite.  We rarely have to remind her to say "please" or "thank you" these days. 

 She could drink chocolate milk and eat cheese-itz all day long if I'd let her and she refuses to touch a potato with a ten foot pole (which makes me question if she's mine).

And please DO NOT ever tell her you are feeding her a may end up in an hour long battle, not that I would know.  

Her bed at night looks like an episode of Hoarders with all the stuffed animals she has to have.  In fact, we bought her a full size bed just to fit everyone (kidding, maybe....).

She is finally getting into books and always asking us to read to her (I was getting a little worried, I won't lie).  

As her Aunt Nic said...."Three seems to fit her."

And I have to totally agree, it seems like she's finally started to grow into that big personality she's always had inside her. 

Though it may be wrong to say, I fall more and more in love with her everyday. 

Happy Birthday my Girl!!! 
I cannot wait to see what this year brings for you!!!
Don't forget, love you too!


Tristan said…
ok seriously..yours and mine would be bffs..totally alike..haha..ahhhh.

she is adorable!!!!
Anonymous said…
LOVE the pose in the first picture :)
Happy Birthday!
Amy K.

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