Beach Living

We've been hanging out at the beach this past week.
Unfortunately, it ends tomorrow when we head back to real life.

This trip has been as relaxing as it gets (for us Mabreys). 
Minus one day at Sea World, we've spent our time at the beach, pool, eating, or napping.
I've been soaking up every second of it. 

Olivia has enjoyed having all "her people" (her words) in one place and since there are four adults, she's been eating up the constant attention she's been getting. 
Oh, and a quick trip to Downtown Disney to feed her "Princess" needs hasn't hurt either.
She's already crying she doesn't want to go home.

I've always been a beach person. 
Give me a choice of vacations and I'll pick the beach.
In fact, this is our third week at the beach this year (feel free to feel sorry for me).

I've been telling David for years now I want to live near the beach.
The feeling usually comes and goes, but over the last year or so, that feeling has grown stronger.
This trip has for whatever reason cemented it into to me that at some point in time in my life, I have to live near the ocean.

It's my new ultimate lifetime goal.

The ocean feeds my soul. 
It makes me feel so small and yet, so alive at once.
For whatever reason, it puts in perspective for me the things that really matter in life. 
It makes me think. 
It makes me stop and smell the roses (or the sea weed), something I struggle so often to do. 

The past couple of months have been some rough ones at our house.  Not going into details right now, but we've been dealing with a few things that so many others are also facing today.  Though we know we're not alone, we've been frustrated and so easily caught up in the everyday struggles of life lately.

This trip couldn't have come at a better time.
It's been a time to step away, readjust our plans and goals, and give us a new perspective on life.

This trip,we stayed on Florida's East coast at a smaller, less known beach in between St. Augustine and Daytona. 
Can I say that I have fallen completely in love.

There are only three condo towers as far as our eyes can see and only a handful of local places to eat. 
We've ate local every night (minus one) and we've had only one not so impressive meal.
Besides the grocery store, there is no shopping around for a good thirty minutes and the closest putt putt course is ten minutes past that (however, there are a few golf courses).  

That's how "un-commercialized" and laid back this place is and we've decided, it's our new favorite way to do the beach.
So much so, we've even thrown out the idea several times this could become our annual family beach trip.

Unless, we somehow come up with a plan to live here year round....I've decided I would be an excellent beach bum.


Tristan said…
i am not a beach person,at all.

haha..looks pretty though, so glad you have had some nice family time!!!!!

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