A little random...

  • We have seemed to skip over fall and gone straight to winter these past two days.  Though I'm not complaining.  I'm usually a hater of the cold, but this summer was way too hot for me and I've been ready for a change in seasons.  I'm sure it won't last long (this is Georgia), but I'm hoping the cold will stick around a little longer. 
  • Today is my Dad's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! 
 (my current favorite picture of the him & her)
  • I may or may not have listened to a little Christmas music already.  It was cold outside....it just felt right.  Judge all you want....Hobby Lobby's doing it.
  •  Speaking of....I'm super excited for Christmas this year! I felt like we kinda thrown for a loop last Christmas and we didn't really get to enjoy the season like I had originally planned. So, I've already started to fill our calender with stuff to check off our Christmas Bucket list.  This will be the first year that Olivia really "gets it" and be able to participate in certain activities, so I'm super excited.
  • I am usually such the procrastinator, but I'm proud to say that I bought Olivia's Halloween costume in July and last night brought home her "big" gift from Santa.  This is a first folks and I'm pretty proud of myself.  Believe me though, there will for sure be some last minute running around I'm sure, but baby steps....baby steps....
  •  I'm still begging my husband for a new laptop since he stole mine....I feel like it would help in me blogging a little more often because I know you all love hearing what I have to say (insert eye roll).  So, feel free to complain to him about my lack of Olivia updates and pics.  I can use some help because right now he's winning.  
  •  I promise not to do a whole post on it since my last post was a book post, but we read The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman for bookclub this month.  LOVED IT!!!  It was a quick and easy read (I believe all of us read it in just a few days) and boy, does it make you think.  It is the perfect book club book because it leads to great discussion of how do we judge what is right or wrong and how life isn't black or white, there is a lot of gray.  The fact that we sat at Olive Garden for over two hours talking about the book tells you its that good.  We all agreed it was one the best books we've read in our three years of bookclub.  That's saying a lot because there is only one other book (The Help) that we all felt that way about. 
  • Speaking of Olive Garden...right now they are doing a special for $12.95 you get all you can eat bread sticks and Salad and then an entry to eat that night and one new entree to take home.  You get five meals to choose from (they are all your basic Italian meals) and at the end of your meal, they bring you a fresh meal packed ready to go with instructions for re-heat and a bag of bread sticks.  I think the promotion runs till November 18 it said and we all thought it was a great deal.  It made lunch so much more enjoyable today. I'm not getting anything for saying this, I just thought it was a great deal to pass along.  
  • Olivia is on Fall Break this week so we've been hanging out at home playing.  It's a crappy pic, but she's too cute not to share.   

 Happy Tuesday! : )


Kameron said…
I can't believe she's 3...which means Arielle is not too far behind! It doesn't seem like that long ago we were pregnant and waiting for them to get here! Kudos to you for being proactive. I don't even have costumes for the kids yet. lol
Tristan said…
she is seriously too adorable.
and seriously..i wish we lived closer..lol..we have been rocking out to Christmas music for atleast 2 weeks..bahaha!! I have even wrapped a few gifts!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the Christmas shopping. I'm a little envious (ok, a lot envious)! I told Jeff yesterday that it's time to start our shopping....I don't want to be a crazy mad woman in December!
Can't wait to see some pictures for Halloween :)
Happy Fall,
Amy K.

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