We're home & Insta-Friday

We rolled in late last night from the most magical place on the planet!!!

Today is filled with mounds of laundry and gearing up for a busy weekend.  My baby cousin is graduating tonight!!! I officially feel old.

I may or may not have time to blog over the weekend, so here is a little recap of our week in instgram pics.

 I'm linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged for InstaFriday.

 1. Almost there!

 2. We Made It!!!

3. Coffee Run
When you stay at a Disney Resort, you can buy a suviner cup that comes with free refills of coffee, soda, or tea your entire stay.  I won't lie, it's one of our favorite parts of staying at a Disney Resort.

4. Relaxing with our feet up

5. Future Photographer

6. Riding the Disney Transit to Downtown Disney
Probably one of her favorite rides at Disney, only behind the golf carts at the campground.
7. Harry Potter World
I'll have more to say about this later, but overall, NOT IMPRESSED. 

8. "They don't call her Tangled for nothing."

9.  My view for most of the week.

10. She adapted to beach life pretty quickly
We left Disney Wednesday morning and headed a few hours north to St. Augustine. It was our first time there and I loved it.  I was only bummed that we couldn't spend a few more days there.

11.  "I play hard Mama."
We headed home yesterday evening after spending most of the day on the beach.  
These were Olivia's last words before she passed out for most of the trip home. 

life rearranged

I will post more about our trip next week and pictures from the real camera.  

Have a great weekend!!!


Tristan said…
can't wait to see more!!!
Jennifer said…
What great advice - "Play hard mama." So sweet!

Glad you had a fun trip - fun to see pics of a few tid-bits of your trip!

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