Disney or Bust

 Our car is packed and we're headed out to Disney for the week.  

If I was a good blogger, I would have scheduled post for while I am gone.....but, we all know I'm not.  
So, it will be quiet around here for the next week because I won't be near a computer.
Not just because I'm being lazy like the week before. 

You can follow our week on instagram (anmabrey) if you cannot live without our smiling faces for a week.
  I'm certain I will be posting on there.

 I'll be back next week and I already have some post brewing in my little brain.

Until then, have an awesome week! : )

Don't forget, my neighbor is standing on his porch with the shotgun in his hands.  
You think I'm playing....just ask that raccoon that came in his yard last week.
Oh,wait...you can't.


Kameron said…
I have a lot of wildlife that I'd like to get rid of. Do you think your neighbor would venture up to RI? :) Hope ou are having a blast at Disney!

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