Friday, May 18, 2012

Disney or Bust

 Our car is packed and we're headed out to Disney for the week.  

If I was a good blogger, I would have scheduled post for while I am gone.....but, we all know I'm not.  
So, it will be quiet around here for the next week because I won't be near a computer.
Not just because I'm being lazy like the week before. 

You can follow our week on instagram (anmabrey) if you cannot live without our smiling faces for a week.
  I'm certain I will be posting on there.

 I'll be back next week and I already have some post brewing in my little brain.

Until then, have an awesome week! : )

Don't forget, my neighbor is standing on his porch with the shotgun in his hands.  
You think I'm playing....just ask that raccoon that came in his yard last week.
Oh, can't.


Tristan said...

have fun!!!

Kameron said...

I have a lot of wildlife that I'd like to get rid of. Do you think your neighbor would venture up to RI? :) Hope ou are having a blast at Disney!