A Quick Trip To Nashville

Sorry it has been quiet here lately.

We have just been busy with life this past few weeks.
It doesn't slow down till a few more weeks and then we have a pretty quiet summer ahead of us.

It doesn't help my blogging that I've lost my laptop to David for now.  He needs one for work and we have no extra money for a new one, especially since we have a desktop at home that is currently working just fine.  I am just having trouble down loading pictures from my camera to the desktop and evidently that throws off my blogging.


This past weekend, Olivia and I headed up to Nashville to spend Mother's Day weekend with my Mom.  It was the first Mother's Day I've spent with her since she moved up there 12 years ago.  I should be ashamed, I know. 

It was a pretty quiet weekend mostly just spending time with our Nashville family, a little shopping and eating. 

Oh, and a little drum banging.

This child takes her music seriously and I lost a little piece of my mind over the weekend.  If anyone has the hilarious idea of ever buying my child a drum set, I will seriously be rude about it and send it back home with you or ask for the receipt. 

You've been warned.

 Since we were going to be out of town over the Mother's Day weekend, Dave took me out to celebrate Mother's Day the Monday before.  I choose Japanese Steak House for lunch and of course it had to be one of those rare times while going out-to-eat that my child decided to lose her ever loving mind.  It was such a humbling Mother's Day experience.

After lunch, we went for a little Mother's Day shopping and not only did I walk out with a new pair of running shorts, she walked out with a present too.  That Daddy is a sucker!

But I guess so am I, considering I bought her a Disney Princess set a mere week before we leave for our Disney vacation.

Let's be honest, we all know we'll get suckered into buying her something while there too! I guess the fact she hasn't put them down since she got them makes me feel a little better.

We went to eat at a place in Nashville called Chuy's on Saturday night.  It was delicious and the prices were cheap! I would highly recommend it if you have one near you.  I would even go as far as to say it would make my favorite places to eat list.  I even ate the leftovers the next night and that says a lot cause those who know me know, I don't do leftovers.  I looked it up and found we have one here in Atlanta and I'm already making plans to take Big Dave.

I love visiting our family in Nashville! Its become one of my favorite places to go.  It doesn't hurt that the drive up there is one of my favorite drives.  Its always so beautiful.  Nashville is definitely on our "we'd move there" list.

I promise my eyes remained forward and I snapped the pic blindly.

While there, my MIL sent me a pic of her Mother's Day gift to me on Sunday.  

She knows me so well.

So, that's all I've got for now.

Sorry for the repeat of pictures if you follow me on Instgram.  I promise to have legit pictures from a real camera next time.
I'm anmabrey on Instagram if you want to follow. 

I'll go ahead and warn you that blogging will be not be happening next week, we're heading back to Disney for the week.  Disney twice in one year? Yes, we're officially obsessed now.  

I know its breaking a blogging rule by telling you that we're heading on vacation this upcoming week, but we seriously own nothing of monetary value and the few things we do are things we're taking with us. Also, my neighbor has been informed of our leaving town and is keeping an eye on the house.  Plus, he's not afraid to shoot.... he told us that the other day too.

And he was being dead serious.


Tristan said…
how fun is a drum set..ha..cute! T-A has a piano and totally rocks it!!

have fun at disney!!!!

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