First Day: May

We are back from Arizona.....obviously.

We landed late Friday evening and ended up having a super busy weekend, so I'm still recovering.
Forgive me.

More about our trip later, today it's time for another first day post.

A few disclaimers.....

~I woke up and realized my big camera had a dead battery and a dead back up battery, so these are all iphone pics.
~I evidently like to take pictures of  food. 
~My child goes through three outfit changes throughout the day, but I swear these are all from yesterday.

With that said, here's our first day of May....







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The Popes said…
Few things...

- your donuts have me jonesing for some chocolate.
- that chicken had better be on the menu next time I come for dinner
- thank you for not posting the picture of me inhaling the chips at Lanie Beth's
Kameron said…
I swear I do more laundry for the small people in my house than I do for myself so I feel you on the outfit changes!
Beth said…
If my food looked like that I'd take a lot of pictures too!

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