Playing Catch Up.

I feel like I'm going nonstop these days. 

But hey, don't we all?

Every time I sit down to blog, I'm paged because someone needs something (most likely their butts wiped), a child loses their mind, or I think of a million other things I should be doing instead.

I miss blogging, writing, memory keeping....but I know it will get better in time. 

It's just a season.

At least I keep telling myself. 

That being said, let's play catch up....

Things have been busy for us.

Our week days have been filled with school, soaking up outside time before the weather changes for the winter, library trips, field trips, and just trying to survive the day....especially on the days David works late....which have been pretty frequent lately.

We've pretty much done nothing but fall themes for school this month.  We've covered leaves, scarecrows, and now onto Thanksgiving this week and next.  On Monday we took a trip to The Rock Ranch for their Pilgrim Days. I have to say that it was one of our favorite field trips so far.

We've got a new little crew that we've gone on the last few field trips on and we have more and more fun with each trip.  Our girls are all within a year of each other and now that Nic has Emma during the week, we all have babies within a year of each other.  Poor Gabe is still the odd man out, but he's not the only boy now at least.

I'm excited that we already have our next trip planned!

Oh, and that my kid actually posed with me for a picture....

Last time we did group shots on a field trip, my child cried and refused to have her pic taken with her own mother.  However, she had no problem joining in on the Pope family group shot.

Our weekends have been filled with family birthdays and a couple of special dates.

This past Sunday, we got to have a very special Nana/Mommy/Livi date night.  For the last few years, the three of us have attended the local Nutcracker performance every Christmas season.  We have always said that when she was old enough, we'd take Olivia to a more professional performance. Well, this summer when they started advertising for The Radio City Rockettes, we thought this year she was ready.

It was such a fun experience to have with her.  She sat amazed the entire show.  Of course, the sparkly costumes were her favorite.  At the end of the show she exclaimed "that was awesome!!!"

We even ended the evening with a cheesecake/ice cream date.  The evening was a win all around.

Can't wait to keep up this new yearly tradition and eventually let little sister tag along. 

So, that's a quick catch up of what we've been up to.  

Of course, a baby is crying as I type those words. Back to my day job.


Tristan said…
busy girls! that show looks amazing..i would love to do that!!

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