Four Months with Amelia Jane

This past weekend, baby girl hit the four month mark (18 weeks today).

I wish I could say things are so much better with her, but it seems like we take two steps forward, one step back. She was doing really well for a few weeks and then the past two it's been constant fuss and crying again.

I try to not say too much about her these days because I feel like it sounds like all I do is complain and that I am ungrateful.  But, I'm not.  Promise.  I am just emotionally drained from her.  I can deal with sleepless nights, but I have a hard time dealing with constant unhappiness.

We've pretty much tried every trick out there, but nothing seems to be the magic answer.  We've now seen three different medical professionals (and a chiropractor) and have been told by all there is nothing physically wrong with her to make her constantly fuss and cry like she does.  So, we sit and wait for her to grow out of whatever it is that makes her so unhappy.

Let's just say that time is moving slow.......very slow.

However, I don't want this to sound all down in the dumps, so here are a few things about this kid I can't get enough of.

Her smile.

Ironically, we call her smiley.  Though they are rare, her smiles are the best.  She smiles with her whole face and I can't get enough of it.  Just wish she do it a little more often.

She loves to cuddle when she's tired.

Even when she was a tiny babe, Olivia was never a cuddler.  It seriously took her three years before she somewhat liked to cuddle up to us. With this girl, when she's tired she still wants to be held and rocked.  Most likely, she will be our last baby, so I'm soaking it up this go round. 

She already loves her big sister.

I am so excited to watch the relationship grow.  Olivia can always make her smile and she watches
Olivia like a hawk.  in fact, I've already convinced myself her demeanor is going to change the moment she can start moving and attempting to keep up.  Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

And my favorite picture of you from the month...

Just because you look like a chunk but you are far from it. 

Here's to hoping month 5 has a few less tears from both of us.

***thank you for not judging my crappy cell phone pics....I do not know what a real camera is anymore.***


Tristan said…
Her smile= heartwarming!
Anonymous said…
Longtime lurker, just wanting to say how beautiful your famiy is. :) Have you tried probiotics for your little one? I had 2 very unhappy babies and just (barely) lived through the first one and with the 2nd someone reccomended probiotics. We figured we had nothing to lose, so we tried. It worked amazingly! He was still a little fussy, but not always whining and screaming all day long. We used the BioGaia drops in his formula. I think the BioGaia name has now changed to Gerber (???) but I have heard it's the exact same formula. I thought it would be worth a try to pass on what worked for us. Good luck!
Jennifer said…
I've had my own share of challenges with Jacob - perhaps second borns are just a doozy all the way around. (o:

Hoping as the months go by things get a bit smoother. She is preciously precious!

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