Our week.

This week was one of those that goes down as almost perfect in my book.

Our week started a day later since we didn't actually get back from our weekend trip till Monday night, but it was one of those that had enough down time to not feel overwhelmed, but just enough stuff planned to make us not feel like we're going crazy couped up at home.

This kids love language is arts & crafts...especially ones that involve paint.  I love crafting too, but I do not love it so much with a four year old.  That being said...I'm trying.  We've been doing a lot more crafts and painting around here.....even if it's just painting tp rolls.  She's happy with it.

I have been begging this child for four years now to put on a pair of boots.  She'd live in her flip flops if it was up to her.  I finally convinced her and I have to say, I think she's pretty cute in them.  

Wednesday was a rough day around here...the baby was fussy all day long, Olivia didn't sleep well the night before.  To any of those single ladies who might be reading....A man who comes in after a twelve hour day, takes both kids outside so you can finish getting dinner on the table, and doesn't judge you because you've already had your first glass of wine before he got home...that's the type of man you need to marry.

Which I had to laugh the other night because this is what poor David looked like while eating dinner....had to hold the big one's hand while bouncing the little one.  Dinner with kids...so fun.

The new Pediatrician suggested we start Amelia on baby food sooner than later.  Evidently kids with reflux tend to have an easier time on food than formula.  Since she's been getting cereal in her bottles for months now, he told us to go ahead and dive right in with the fruits and veggies.  For the last few weeks I've been given her a little bit of cereal in a bowl to get her used to eating with a spoon and this week I finally got brave to give her some veggies.  So far so good. 

You may have noticed, but yes, we're back at home.  I'm sure I'll write more about it soon, but we pulled her out of school after a few weeks.  It wasn't working like we though it might and the three of us decided home is where she needs to be for now.  Thankfully we've been able to get back in the groove and we're all happy with our decision for now.

I posted about our "Just Us 2013" trip yesterday and ironically, part of our "Just us 2014" was made official yesterday. I'll share details later, but yep, next year involves leaving the country!!!

Things are getting better.  Very slowly...but they are getting better. 

It was parent watch night this week at dance.  It also happened to be Olivia's night to be line leader.  When you are four....HUGE DEAL!!!  She also had some surprised guest come and watch her.  Seeing her face light up when they walked in was totally worth it.  I may be biased, but I think she's the cutest little ballerina in the class.

This weekend is a quiet one filled with family.  My favorite kind.

Happy Friday! : )


Jennifer said…
Olivia is cute in those boots!

I tell you what - trying to wrangle kids and dinner and amazing husbands who work hard and come home to work hard - I swear, Todd is my sanity most of the time. I just barfed all over my own blog complainy style about how I just feel behind on everything. I love my baby, but I'm also ready for the baby season to be over.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Todd and I could desperately use a "just us" get away!

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