Fourteen years of us and America's Castle

The husband and I ran away to the mountains for the weekend.

I think I've talked about it before, but we don't really put much into our wedding anniversary.  We do however put a little more recognition into the anniversary date in which we officially started dating.  Weird, I know.  Why?  I guess we feel like those years get just as much credit as the wedding ones.  We made it through just as much during those years as our wedded ones, so they get some recognition in our eyes.

That being said, we celebrate 14 years of us next week.
The exact date we are not sure of and have argued between two dates for the past six years, so by this point we just say it's sometime in the second week of November. 

We made plans months ago that we were finally going to knock something off my bucket list.

 It took me 31 years, but I finally made it to The Biltmore Estate.

I have to say I was a little worried because I've heard some people say it was a little disappointing, but it exceeded my expectations.  Maybe I set the bar a little low so it didn't have too much to live up to.   This place is unbelievable gorgeous in its own huge mansion way.  The detail put into everything is beyond amazing. 

I splurged for the $10 audio tour things and I think they were worth every penny if you go.  The husband didn't get one but now wishes he did. There is a lot of information they give you on those little things. The bonus part was that they already had the Christmas decorations up, but we didn't have to pay the Christmas prices.

Add some Christmas on top of some history and I'm in heaven.

If you ever get a chance to go, do it.  It's so neat to see how these people lived.  I personally don't think the rich of today don't even live the lifestyle these people got to live.  It is seriously like how the royalty of other countries live.  Can you imagine have a lady's maid there to do EVERYTHING for you.  If you'd like an comparison, think Downton Abby in America.

After our tour we headed down to the Biltmore's winery and had lunch.

Can someone say free wine tasting!?!? I may have been in heaven all day.

History, Christmas, and free wine = my personal paradise.

We ate lunch at a restaurant just down from the winery and it was the best meal we had all weekend.  We'd highly recommend Cedric's Tavern if your there.

Monday morning before we left to head home, we marked something off of David's bucket list and went zip lining. 

I don't have any pictures because they strongly advised you to not take anything since stuff easily gets dropped, but we had a great time.  Come to find out, the leaves were about three weeks behind on their peek color, so we were there at the perfect time to see them at their brightest.  I have to say that zip lining through the bright yellow leaves 200 feet up in the air, was something that you never forget.  It was a little scary at times, but totally worth it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's one of those things that pictures wouldn't even do it justice.  So glad my husband talked me into it.  I actually felt more nervous on the platforms and rope bridges than I did flying through the air.

We went with the Navitat Zipline Adventures.  I would highly recommend them. Our tour guides were very professional and knowledgeable about the forest around us.  They were also great at putting you at ease when the nerves came. 

 The rest of the weekend was filled with walks through downtown Asheville, hung out at bookstores, took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway,  naps, went out to dinner at 8pm....all those things that are not as fun to do with small children. 

We soaked up our full 72 hours without children.


Happy 14 years of us!!!  Can't wait for the next "just us" trip!


Tristan said…
i've always wanted to go there..looks amazing!
Cunz Family said…
Fun! Im no geography, what state were you in?
Anonymous said…
Too funny! We just had a Tupelo honey" discussion the other it a place or type of pollinated honey???? Probably a dumb question! I should just google it! Glad you had a wonderful trip 😊
Anonymous said…
Oops! ^^^That's me! 😊
Amy k.

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