Mabrey Halloween 2013

I am not a Halloween person at all. 

I've never gotten into it and for years was able to ignore the holiday for the most part.  Honestly, I don't think I was really crazy about it as a child.  I don't do scary and dark and I'm honestly not a huge fan of costumes, especially scary ones.  In fact, we have an 80's party tonight and though I am trying with a costume, I'm not overly excited about it.  Yeah, I'm a party pooper. 

However, I have kids now, so I have to participate in Halloween and to make things even better, I'm learning I have a little bit of a Halloween lover on my hands.

This year, Olivia was obsessed with looking at the semi-scary Halloween decor anytime we were in the store and she made sure I recorded every Halloween cartoon that has appeared on the Disney Channel or PBS during the month of October.  You can believe they will all soon be erased to make room for Mama's Christmas specials.  Hallmark is advertising something like 24 ***ALL NEW*** Christmas movies this year.  Now you're talking my love language!!!

Anyways....I'm slowly starting to celebrate Halloween (you better believe I took advantage of Olivia having no clue what Halloween was the first two years of her life).  Though I'd say it's still a far cry from me celebrating it and enjoying it. 

This year it's been all about Tinker Bell.

Olivia actually picked out her costume towards the end of summer and it's been hanging in my closet for some time now.  Originally I hadn't planned on dressing Amelia up because I'm cheap, but while out for Olivia's birthday, we stumbled across a little Tinker Bell onesie and you know we couldn't pass that up.  Obviously though, little sister wasn't as happy about the costume choice. 

Last year we got brave and took Olivia to her first Trunk n' Treat at her school.  It was very small and low key...perfect for us crowd hating Mabreys.  This year we got brave and joined the Pope's at their church's trunk n' treat last weekend.  I am not lying when I say there was easily 2,000 people there.  Normally, after pulling into the parking lot and seeing that kind of crowd, I would have started having twitches and we would have turned around and gone home, but Olivia is getting a little too old to make those kind of calls.  Thank goodness it was truly the most well organized trunk n' treat in the history of church trunk n'treats.  We made it through the line and lived to tell about it.

We got a few offers to trick or treat with friends, but we decided to stick with what little bit of Halloween tradition we have and stay in our own neighborhood.  We moved here this time last year so this was our second time trick or treating in our neighborhood.  We've grown to learn most everyone in our small neighborhood, so there was something a little nostalgic about being in our own neighborhood and trick or treating with Nana & Papaw.  We know we won't be here forever, so we decided to soak it up while we can.

It's also become tradition to take the kids over to see my dad and grandmother on Halloween so they can see the kids.  This is mommy's favorite stop because Grandpa makes sure to hook us up with the good stuff.

Speaking of which...we seriously have about 12lbs. of candy at the moment. 

David bought 9lbs. for us to hand out and we only had ONE kid stop by.  Which is crazy because we had a ton more last year.  Evidently it wasn't just our house though because all our neighbors said they only had three kids total.  Needless to say, they were throwing hand fulls of their candy in our bucket.

Feel free to stop by anytime over the weekend to take some of this off my hands.


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