Pinterest Fail

About a month ago, I found a idea on pinterest where someone had filled a glass candle holder with coffee beans and a vanilla candle. I shared my find with Nicole and we lucked up since that week, hobby lobby happened to have their candle holders and candles 50% off.


Though, the set up didn't have as strong as smell as I thought it would, I still loved the way it looked and have been burning it ever since.

During nap yesterday, I had everything checked off my "to do" list for the day and decided to sit down and finish book two of the Hunger Games series. The ac was off, the windows were open, and I lit all the candles in the house to get that Fall smell. I was going to enjoy our first fall afternoon.

Fast forward a couple of hours and while I'm fixing dinner, I keep smelling something burning. Naturally, I keep thinking its something I'm cooking though I can't figure out what it is. A few pieces of food had fell next to the gas burners when I was pouring them into the pot, so I kept telling myself that was it even though they didn't look to be burning too bad.

We get through dinner and I start to clean up while David and Olivia go off to play. While cleaning up Olivia's seat at the table, I look up to notice that my coffee candle is engulfed in flames and the entire mantle was minutes from being engulfed in flames too.

I screamed for David and of course, he came in to save the day and was able to get it blown out with only a few ashes and sparks on his face. Thank goodness he wears glasses.

He wasn't too happy with me and my coffee candle at that moment.

Evidently, coffee beans don't melt....they catch fire.

I just feel I should let y'all know. Consider it a PSA.

If you try the coffee candle idea from pinterest, don't let the candle burn too close to the coffee beans.

You've been warned.

I've personally been banned from any coffee candles in the near future.


Laura said…
So don't get mad but this post had me laughing but on another note I am soooo glad everyone is safe and your home is still standing. I will be sure to not copy this from pinterest...
Girl - I did this... on my wedding day... 2 weekends ago... SAME THING! Thankfully a friend alerted me to the issue and I begged him to run around and blow out the candles... YIKES!!! I found your post by trying to find out HOW to fix the situation... you know when I start posting about the wedding I'd like to warn people as you did and tell them how to fix it. My only idea is putting a small candled surrounded in glass, inside the beans - I wonder if soaking would work. I might have to investigate. Wish I had read this earlier. :) Thank you for posting!

Seriously, some of these Pins should have warning labels on them!

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