This weekend was a weekend to celebrate!!!

We had already had plans to celebrate Olivia's 2nd birthday this weekend, but throughout the week, I kept getting calls from family asking if it was alright to bring Destiny a little something too.

Before the parenting judging stones are thrown, since Olivia's so young and still doesn't grasp the concept of what a birthday is, I said it would be no problem. In the future, we'll make sure that each child feels special on their special day. This was a one time special day.

On Thursday evening, David and I talked and decided to go ahead and make it a Happy 2nd Birthday/Welcome Home party! I called my cake connections and asked if they could possibly bring me an extra cake for Destiny and we ran out to get more appropriate party plates since Elmo isn't exactly saying "Welcome Home!"

We told Destiny on Friday that we were going to have a Welcome home party and of course, she was beyond excited. Especially when I told her she was going to get gifts.

This girl was ecstatic all day.

We decided a while back to keep birthdays just family since we live so close to both our families and have close relationships to both. Also, my sisterwives Nic and Amy are always invited since they are so close to my kids and see them on a daily basis. We had over forty people there with just family. It was crazy.

Overall, everyone's reactions and responses to Destiny were amazing. I even got teary eyed at one point when our entire family yelled "Welcome Home Destiny!!!" That little girl stood there looking like she was about to burst into tears (good tears), so I cried for her.

I think its safe to say that everyone is in love with her already and she can already feel the love. Later that night after the party, we were playing with the mountains of toys they got and she said...

"I never knew so many people loved me!!!"

Teary eyed moment number two for the evening.

Olivia of course was overwhelmed, but she always is with birthday parties. This year was really no different than her first birthday last year.

The girls got so much stuff, it was ridiculous. Our living room looked like Christmas morning. To be honest, I told David I think they are going to be disappointed at Christmas, because Santa could never afford to bring all the stuff they got! Our house is officially been taken over by Barbie, dress up, and Disney Princesses.

They've been playing non stop since.

Here's my last heartbreaking moment for today....

Last weekend when Destiny was over visiting us, we started talking about birthdays and how Olivia had a birthday coming up. She asked me what kind of birthday party Olivia was going to have and I told her "Elmo." Naturally, I next asked her what kind of party she wanted this year. She stopped and thought for a moment and said "I want a family party this year!" I almost burst into tears right there in front of her. What six year old says I want a family party???

It took almost seven years, but that little girl got a family party better than she could have ever imagined. She informed me, it was "the best day ever!"

I can't wait to see how she reacts to Disney World next week!

Yep, it's all a ploy to make her love us forever!

I'm just kidding, Disney World has been in the works for months now. She just happened to get lucky and come just in time for it.

Welcome Home Destiny! I love you so much already. You have no idea the void you filled in our little family and in my heart. I know its been a long road for you to get to us, but God made you for us I know. You fit in so perfectly, it's scary. Remember that you have to live here forever...I won't ever let you leave now that your here.


Happy Birthday Olivia Kate!!! You keep me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You'll always be the one who made me a mommy and that will always give you a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to watch you grow and see the person you become. It will be something special I know. I love you forever and always, baby girl!!!


Meredith said…
Aw, what an amazing, AMAZING thing!
Tristan said…
I LOVE this post.

She is soooo cute, welcome home destiny!!

Happy birthday miss olivia!! taylor-austyns party is sesame street this year :) I want more party pics!!!!
Jennifer said…
Her words made me tear up too! Precious and honest. And Happy Birthday Olivia! Who gets a big sister for their birthday - so awesome! (o:
ZDJ Photgraphy said…
I normally do not leave comments (Im the worst blog follower ever) but congrats on your new addition to your family, she is absolutely beautiful...and wish Olivia a happy Birthday from Jemale and I. I loooove reading your stories and I hope you save them so you can share your amazing stories of love, trials and tribulations with those beautiful little ladies you have when they are older!

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