Camping @ Lookout Mountain, TN.~Part 1

Last week we got in another camping trip...which makes two for the month of June! Score!

We've been wanting to take the girls to Chattanooga for sometime because there is so much to do up there. I went multiple times growing up and for some reason it just seems like it's a apart of your childhood if you're from this area.

David won a weekend trip for work last year and the moment he told me he had won it, I knew exactly where we were going on it. It's taken us almost a year to make it up there, but we finally made it.

We headed out Sunday night as soon as David got off work and ran into some heavy rain on the way up.  What should have been a two & half hour drive ended up taking almost four. Thankfully the girls did great (thank you car DVD players) and we made it up there in time to set up before dinner, plus we got some arcade action in before bed.

(yes, she's torturing me by acting like she's licking the air hockey hitter)

The next day we got up bright and early to pack in everything we wanted to do. 

First stop was Rock City. 

I always remember loving Rock City as a little girl. It seems so enchanting, even still as an adult. I knew the girls would love it and they did. They were convinced there were fairies living there and wondered thru the garden the whole time looking for them. Rock City has gnomes all throughout and they loved them.  It was so fun seeing it thru their eyes.

After Rock City, we ate a quick picnic lunch in the truck and then headed out to Ruby Falls.

You take an elevator down 220 feet, then walk about a half of mile and end up 1100 under ground to see a 145ft. waterfall.  It's dark when you first walk up, but then they turn the lights on and it's breathtaking. It's seriously one of the most spectacular sites to see. I've been several times throughout my life, so I kept my eyes on the girls to take in their reactions and it was totally worth it. They both had eyes wide open and mouths were hitting the floor.

I was a little worried about how Millie would do two hours in a cave, but she did awesome and she loved it. She even walked the whole way and didn't asked to be carried once....she's come along way.

After Ruby Falls, we had one more stop for the day. We headed to the Incline Railway for a ride up Lookout mountain on the steepest passenger railroad. Thankfully it was only a ten minute ride because it was hot by the time we made it there.

The views were pretty, but we didn't stay up top too long because we were all pretty done by then.

It was so hot on the way down, I was afraid Millie was about to pass out. We made up for it with ice cream.

They had a painted railroad track all around the ice cream shop and the entrance to the Incline railroad, Millie had to give us her best choo-choo train reenactment.

After that, we were all done for the day.  We left our campsite at 10am and didn't roll back in till 5:30pm.  It was a long day, but the girls did awesome. Livi even cooked dinner for us when we got back to the camper. 

We needed the night with a dip in the pool.

This isn't a very good picture, but there were three teenager girls in the pool when we got there. They started playing Marco Polo and invited Livi to join in with them. They were so sweet with her and played with her even when they were long done with playing. At one point I overheard them saying "she's got to be a least 11.' I told them she was only eight and they couldn't get over how big she is.  They were super sweet with her and I was so thankful.

Since this ended up being way longer than I thought, I'll post day two next time.


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