The Red House Tour ~Living room

One of the last times I blogged, I shared that we were moving back into the first house we ever lived in as a married couple. You can catch up on that story here.

It's been a little over two months since we moved in and I'm happy to say we've all settled in quickly.  For David and I, we were already familiar with the house, so there really wasn't a need to get used to anything. I'll be honest though, I was worried with how the girls would adjust. If you've been following our story for the past year, you already know that this is the fourth house that we've technically lived in this year.  Yeah, it's sucked, but that's life sometimes. 

Thankfully, all but one, the girls have adjusted to quickly.  My prayers were answered when they seemed to adjust quicker to the red house than any of the others.

Livi tells me on a regular basis how much she loves the red house. I think it's safe to say the red house has felt like home quicker than any other we've lived in. 

Any time a friend comes over for the first time, they immediately comment how the house fits us.  Funny story, my good friend Amy came over before we had moved in and the house was completely empty and she the first thing she said to me was "this house screams Amber." 

The red house just seems to fit "us."

I know people have gotten a glimpse of things here and there through pictures, but I've been asked by a few for more, so here we go...

Disclaimer: the lighting in this house is not the best.  Most of the time its kinda dark, but it comes across cozy to us personally.  Doesn't make for great blog pictures, but we like it. 

When you come in the front door, you're immediately dumped into the living room.

We do have a very small entry way with wood floor and a coat closet, but this is the best picture I could get.  A lot of the projects we've done since moving in are not necessarily the fun ones, but they've needed to be done and have made a big difference.  We've replaced almost all the window in the house and all the exterior doors, plus added storm doors. We're down to one door and four windows left to be replaced.

I need to paint the front door soon. I want to do a fun color, but I haven't been able to decide just yet. Suggestions???

We have a lot of big projects for this house and our goal is to get one done each year.  The living room is first on the list for next year.  The house is built where we can easily add a fireplace for not too much money or too much damage.  Our goal is to start next summer so we can have it finished before fall and the cold rolls in.  We're also planning on doing built in book cases on each side.   I'm super excited about this project.

This would make home decor bloggers weep...I don't style my bookshelves, I just throw junk up there. Actually, we need to add the fourth shelf from the set because it's packed way too tight even for me. I just haven't gotten the motivation to do it yet.

We also have plans to hang the tv on the wall because it's already been almost knocked over several times.  Once again...just haven't gotten around to it. It's on it's last leg anyway, so maybe David and I are both just secretly hoping it does and we have an excuse to get a new one without a big red blob on the right side of the screen.

We don't have a play room, I gave up on playrooms a couple of houses ago.  The kids never played in it and always ended up dragging the toys to the living areas, so now I use storage baskets to keep the things they play with most close by while the rest is stored in their rooms.  I also just have toys sitting out.  I know that's not magazine worthy, but it's the stage of life we're in now.  There will be plenty of years my house can look magazine ready, but for now, the toys in the corner make me grateful for where we are in life at the moment. 

Along with our fireplace, we're wanting to switch out the couch for the matching sectional at ikea.  The living room is on the smaller side and it would open up a lot more space plus add seating.  

It's the room where we spend most of our time as a family and we love how cozy it is.  We've already started making memories in it.  Excited to start making holiday memories in it with the girls!!!


Tristan said…
I love cozy!! And..we have a BOX the "color bulb" keeps going out of it..hahaha..perhaps we will get a cool one next year...haha!

Lois Becker said…
Wow! What a cool living room. I particularly like the book shelf and the art wall. Also, I have to agree with the commenter above that the room looks so cozy. Thank you for sharing that tour! Wishing you and your whole family the best of health these colder months!

Lois Becker @ Finlay Brewer

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