"The best Halloween Ever!"

As much as it saddens me to say this....my oldest child hasn't taken on the same love for Christmas as I have.

As each year goes by, it shows more and more that she's a Halloween freak. I'm still holding out hope for the little one.

It's not that I have anything against Halloween, I've just never really gotten into it. I'm trying for her sake though. I'm not quite ready to join in the costume fun, but I did make sure to buy a few new Halloween decorations this year....baby steps.

Olivia was scheduled for chemo on Thursday, so we weren't sure how Halloween this year was going to go. Let's be honest, the kid has had a lot of disappointment thrown her way these past few months, so we were really hoping her favorite holiday wasn't another thing added to that list.

Months and months ago, it was declared that we were dressing up as Elsa & Anna just like every other little girl in America. That promptly started the search for the best Elsa costume we could find. 

Confession....this is now the third Elsa costume we currently own.  It started with a cheap itchy one from the Target toy section (you know the ones I'm talking about), then we found a better looking one online through a costume store...it was better than the Target one, but not "Disney" enough for Nana and I.  At the end of August, we stalked the Disney stores every single week till the end of September until we got one we were happy with.

We've got issues. 

Thankfully, Anna wasn't as hard to find.  Poor Anna...always living in the shadow of Elsa.

I'm sure you're now wondering how the witches broom and hat fit into all this.

Well, after the second Elsa and Anna costume had already been bought, Livi found a witch costume she liked.  We declared it was too late to change and instead I bought her a witch hat and broom from Target. I didn't get a good picture of it, but Pawpaw attached an Elsa crown to her hat. You better believe we got many of funny looks over the past few weeks when people would ask her what she was going to be for Halloween.  Everyone is not familiar with "Elsa Witch."

Since she can't be around a lot of kids, we stuck with our usual Halloween routine and made the rounds in David's parents neighborhood. They don't get a ton of kids and it's small, so everyone knows us.

That means jackpot for David and I our kids!!!

This year Livi had an entourage.

Let's be honest, when you almost lose your kid/grand-kid/niece, you realize how precious life is and that you can't afford to miss a moment.

Livi had been tired the whole day, so we brought our trusty wagon to tote her around the neighborhood.  She surprised us and got a burst of energy and then walked the entire neighborhood!!! As silly as it might sound, that's a big deal these days. 

In case you're wondering why Amelia isn't in any of the trick or treating pictures, it's because she fell asleep ten minutes before we walked out the door.  Nana took one for the team and stayed behind with her and to pass out candy. We got a call at the very last house that she was awake and they were coming to find us. Unfortunately, she missed out so we had a dance party for her instead.  She was happy with that.

I'm happy to say that Livi declared it "the best Halloween ever!"

She deserved it.


Tristan said…
SO cute..I LOVE her costume!!!!!

And Anna is just entirely too much for me to handle..lol

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