Little sister.

I was on a roll with blogging but then I came up empty the past few days.  Y'all should know me well enough by know to know I wouldn't make it every single day. 

I won't lie...this week is kicking my butt.

Time change has not been kind to us this round.  Actually, it hasn't phased Olivia one bit, but poor Amelia it's thrown for a loop.  I can't just say it's her either, I've been passed out at eight pm.most nights.  David had to wake me up to tell me to take my contacts out and even asked if I was feeling alright this morning.  Fall time change always does me in.

Speaking of Amelia....

Someone said to me the other day, they felt like they didn't know Amelia since I haven't blogged as much as I did when Olivia was younger.

I laughed and then I cried and then I laughed again.

Oh, Amelia...

For starters, we call her Milla.

Livi told me the other day she wanted another baby sister.  I just laughed, told her that ship had already sailed and then I asked "why?' She wanted a little sister that she could call Amelia. I said that it was a good thing she already had a little sister named Amelia, but she informed me her name was "Milla not Amelia."  I told her she can call her whatever she wants because that's a heck of a lot easier then having another baby.

Milla is either happy as a clam or mean as a snake.  She seems to have no middle ground.  It's all or nothing for her.

We like to refer to it as "passion."

We say on a regular basis that she's going to either change the world or end up in jail

You think I'm joking.

When she's in a good mood, she's the most sweetest and cuddly kid there is.  She loves being rocked and will still sit in your lap like a baby to drink a bottle at fifteen months old.  She does this sweet thing of tucking her arms in to her chest when you pick her up and hug her.  It's like she's trying to get closer to you and it melts my heart to pieces every time.

She has a laugh that comes from her gut and when she smiles, she smiles with her whole face.  She usually always has a paci in her mouth because if it's not a paci, it's some kind of small toy or poisonous plant.  You know, the kind of things that land us in the urgent care for x-rays. However, when she smiles with her paci in, it's the cutest thing.

She eats everything you put in front of her and everything she shouldn't (see above).  By the time she was a year old and a week, we had already had an ambulance ride, an er visit, x-rays, and had to call poison control. 

She's fallen off a kitchen table, from bed onto a concrete floor, and has hit her head so many times we've lost count.  It's so bad, I'm sure the kid has some brain damage in some form or fashion. 

She's a slow learner.  If she touches a hot stove, she'll touch it five more times to make sure it's actually hot (not that she's ever around a hot stove because y'all know I don't cook).

Where Olivia is a bottled up person and hard to read at times, Milla wears her feelings on her face and you know where she stands.

She has a temper.  For realz....the kid has a temper. If she's mad, you know it.

She's a hitter and a bitter. One time she went to bite me and I told her if she bit me, I was going to pop her in the mouth (total lie, I never follow through with my threats and my kids know this), she looked at me, popped ME in the mouth, and then laughed.  Being parent of the year, I was so shocked I laughed.

She knows when she does wrong and then she totally gives you that smile and you can't be mad at her....the total baby of the family kinda thing. She's bad and she knows it.


She's a mini David in looks and personality.  So much of her reminds me of David and that's why have no fear she'll do well in life.

She's the missing part of my heart. For years I ached for her and my heart has always felt full since she got here. 

Couldn't imagine life without her and now looking back, she was so worth the wait.


Tristan said…
Can't even tell you how much I love this post!!!!! <3 <3

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