Going back home.

I know I should talk more about what's going on with Livi, but I'm not just ready yet.  I've been trying to do updates on facebook to keep you all posted on how she's doing, but the blog has always seemed more personal for me for whatever reason, and I just can't quite yet find the words for these past few weeks.

So, lets talk about the other craziness in our lives....

We're moving in 10 days and doing a semi-renovation to our new "old-to-us" house!!!

Let me back up a bit. 

Yes, we just moved into the farmhouse back in January.  That move came with a lot of big dreams and seemed almost too good to be true.  The farmhouse is very special and means a lot to dear friends of ours and because I'm a sucker for history and traditions, I love the farmhouse for what it is and what it represents to our friends.

We tried hard to make it work for us, but after two months of living there, we had realized it wasn't working for us no matter how hard we tried.  Originally, we had planned to be there long term, but we were starting to think only a year or two would work.  We knew where we wanted to go next, so we approached David's parents at the end of March, and asked if a certain rental house of theirs became available, we wanted the chance to move in.  We were prepared to sit and wait another year or two. 

Well, a few weeks later, our neighbors told us they were selling their house and moving across the country.  At first we thought we could still make things work with the farmhouse and try our hand at all our original plans, even if it was just for a year or two, but things quickly became apparent that we couldn't keep up with farmhouse duties on our own.  Not long after that, David's parents approached us and told us they were willing to not renew the current tenets lease when it came up in September, if we wanted to go ahead and move in.  With the Popes moving to Arizona, we felt it would be best for us to go ahead and move on too.

So, to explain things, we're moving back into the house that we lived in when we first got married eight years ago.  While we were engaged, David's parents bought it to use as a rental and we ended helping rehab it and then moved in for three years.  BUT.....we were young and stupid and thought we wanted bigger and better, so we moved out.  We've said for years now that moving out of the red house (what Livi has named it) was one of our stupidest decisions and that we should have stayed put, but that's apart of growing up. You live and learn.

Exactly six years later, we're moving back in to our first home.  It has just the space we need, it's exactly twelve minutes from David's parents, it's closer to David's stores, and it has a lot of potential for future projects (which you know we can't resist).

The number of houses I've lived in all my thirty one years would probably rival most adults in their sixties, but oddly there are very few of them that I'm sentimental about.  I'm not one to get sentimental over a house, but the red house has always been one of those I do. It's not the house we brought our babies home to or anything like that, but it's the one where "we" began.

The part that sucks is that we're now re-rehabbing a house that we rehabbed nine years ago.  The renters over the years were not kind to it.  Also, we have to do this within two weeks.  Originally, we planned on just cleaning the carpets and painting things over time, but with Livi's diagnosis, we've decided to go ahead and get it as in good as shape as we can before she lives in it.  Mostly we're just painting everything, but we've decided to go ahead and completely re-do the girls bathroom.  We're also having a heating and air company come out and clean the entire vent system and installing an ultraviolet something to help keep any air coming in clean.  The healthier we keep her, the less time we spend in the hospital, and the less setbacks we have.

 (purple, of course)

As crazy as everything is right now, we're excited to be rehabbing and moving in a few weeks.  After all the disappointment July brought us, its nice to have something to take our minds off things for a bit.  Livi is excited to be moving into the red house and to have her own space (with a door that closes she says) again.  We're excited to have a school room and play room again, plus a guest room for grandparents!   Which is obviously going to be very much needed these next few months.

So, hope that explains things, we're going back home and it's happening just when we need it most. 

 (new windows)

Also, don't fret, the farmhouse is already been claimed for a couple of months now and the new family is excited to get in and make the farmhouse home!!! It's going to be in good hands!


kimmer said…
It's all working out and all your hard work will be worth it! It looks like a lovely house and you'll make it your own...again! Hope to see you all for a visit to AZ in the future. My thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Many hugs and many blessings to your family and mostly for your beautiful Livi.

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