"Start with where you are."

My blogging soul sister finally called me out on blogging.

I confessed to her that I felt like every time I sit down and look at the blog, words seem to escape me. I just haven't been able to find the words just yet. 

Thankfully, she let me slide and we went on to discuss more important topics like homeschooling our girls and our favorite Hallmark Christmas movies that are soon to be aired.

As someone told me just a few weeks ago about something else in life..."start with where you are."

So, I know there are a lot of gaps to fill from the last few months and I know people waiting for me to say something life changing about dealing with your kid being diagnosed with cancer (totally joking), but I'm just going to start with were we are now.

Right now, we're back from a few days in the North Georgia Mountains...

If you know us for more than 2.5 seconds, you'll learn we're big fans of vacations.  They are a priority in our family and not to be skipped.  I'd like to say we're world travelers, but we can't quite claim that title just yet.  Soon enough though....

Since Olivia's diagnoses in July, we unfortunately have had to cancel two vacations....one of those being a BIG vacation to Disney world! :(  Don't fear though, Disney has been more than fantastic and helped us to rearrange everything for next year when Livi's done with treatment! :)

However, at the beginning of October, we realized we were all desperately itching to get away for a few days and we weren't mentally going to survive the next few months unless we did.  So, I gave everyone just one requirement...whatever we did, it had to be less than two hours from Livi's regular hospital. That landed us in the North Georgia Mountains with David's parents.

Besides the fact it felt like summer the day we arrived (let's not talk about how five days later its now thirty degrees and snowing where we were staying), we went at the perfect time.

The leaves were changing and perfect color. After the first day, there was a constant crisp and fog in the air. We got to have a fire every morning and ate way too many s'mores each night....the trip had all that magic fall brings.

With most things these days, our days are touch and go depending on how Livi's feeling. Besides sitting in the hot tub as much as possible, this trip we went in with no expectation or plans.

We did go into Ellijay one day and Blue Ridge the next, because the girls out number the boys by a landslide in this family and shopping is a given. They don't even fight it anymore.  They did get plenty of fishing time in, so don't feel too bad for them.


Otherwise, we spent our time relaxing and eating.  Two things we like to do a lot.

And let's talk about how much this next picture sums up being a parent of small children...David sleeping while Livi bangs on a toy xylophone right next to him.

 Home away from home for the week.

Let me state that our cabin was very nice, but the angle of the picture makes it look like it's a mansion.  I promise that's not how we Mabreys roll.

This was our road leading to our cabin. 


I became an expert at mountain road driving after our week. 

The best part...we had hardly no cell phone service or internet.  When you have a husband who gets calls 24/7/365, that makes for an amazing few days.  Not that we didn't check up on things when we went into town, but it was actually good to have a break and no access to the world for a few days. I highly suggest it to everyone.

So, that's where we are at the moment....fresh from a quick escape and ready to take on the next part of this journey. 


Tristan said…
I just love and adore you...that is all ;)

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