First Day~April 2014

 Here's a peek into our first day of April...

Technically, my little human alarm went off at 2am, but I was not coherent enough to snap any pics at that time of day. So, our day started with her second alarm of the day...

I can't do just regular old coffee anymore, it makes me gag, so I'm getting my caffeine from those crystal light packs with "energy." And yes, I probably drink way more in one day that I should.

Shout out to the monogram!!!


I'm kinda jealous of those legs...and she's only four!!! Mismatched flip flops are her "thing" these days.

Okay, I've been getting a few of those questions along the lines of "what do you do all day?" and though I know I should just ignore it, it was kinda bugging me lately.  So, I dug up an old pedometer and this was in just the first hour and fifteen minutes.  So contrary to belief, no, I don't watch daytime tv all day.

Laundry......always laundry.


Can you spy two fairies hiding from baths and bedtime? 


Little sister has a new bedtime routine where she stands up int crib and screeches like a pterodactyl while repeatedly throwing all the pacis in her bed at you all the way across the room (we may have a softball player on our hands), this routine last about an hour, so big sister hangs out with us until little sisters nightly gig is up.  It's actually kind of a funny routine. 

I read while he watched movies he's already seen a thousand times.

Last call of the night...

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kewkew said…
Looks like a great day. I also have a pic of a time way too early in the morning. Not amused. I have to say, my hubby and I are the opposite of you guys. I am the one watching a movie for the thousandth time and he reads or plays on his phone more likely.
Happy April!
Great pictures, I know it's not fair kids have better legs than us. I guess if I ran around and played all day I would have better legs too. :)

I don't do coffee but I'm a huge tea drinker, and I drink more than I probably should too.

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