To my Valentine...

To my Valentine:  

The love you give me, it's more than I deserve. 

When we were young, I judged your love by the nice gifts you gave  me, the fancy restaurants you took me was all about what you could do for me. 

For so long, I thought that was love and how you showed it. 

But these last few years, we've both grown up a lot and I've realized it has nothing to do with all those things.

Love is losing pretty much everything you have together, but in the end, saying we've got each other and that's all that matters. 

It's that look you gave me when I told you you were going to be a daddy both times.

It's the tears in your eyes when you saw both of your babies for the first time.

It's those days that I call and tell you I can't carry on any more and you rush to save me and pick up the slack.

It's those slow dances in the kitchen with a baby in a highchair looking on and a four year cutting in.

It's those years we debated walking away from each other, but deciding our family and our marriage was worth fighting for instead.

These past few years, you've given me the best gift I could ever've taught me what real love is about.

And that is one gift, I wouldn't trade for anything.

Happy Valentine's Day my Love!!!

Can't wait to celebrate tonight over sloppy joes with the kids! ; )


Kelsey Nichols said…
One of the sweetest posts I've ever read from you! Love it!

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