Some random things I feel you need to know.....

.....but you could probably care less about! Good thing it's my blog! : )

 ~Last week, I came down with a cold and today, one co-pay later, it was confirmed Olivia has an ear infection.  Seriously, what is the deal???? I don't even have words anymore. You know Olivia doesn't feel good when she falls asleep on the couch.

~Our mail lady has been holding our mail hostage for the past few weeks.  The day of the Snow Apocalypse (of all days), she left a note saying that our mailbox needed to be raised to 45 inches, even though David measured it and put it at the same height as the other two next to it.  We didn't think much about it since it was the exact same height as the other two, but we've been here three weeks now and haven't gotten a lick of mail.  I finally told David I thought the mail lady was holding our mail hostage till he raised the mailbox, but he kinda shrugged me off.  He finally got around to raising it and sure enough, she left a note saying she would "now bring our mail."  The crazy part is it's seriously about two feet higher than the other two mailboxes and it looks ridiculous!!!

~I haven't had my hair colored since before Christmas.  It's bad.....bad, bad, bad.  Its so bad, I should be wearing a ball cap 24/7.  I finally got an appointment for tomorrow to get this head full of grays covered, however, it's supposed to be the snow apocalypse again tomorrow.  I'm not going to be a happy lady if we do get hit again.  The grays are that bad.

~In less than two weeks, David and I will be heading out of the country for the first time since we've had kids.  The girls are staying behind and to say I'm a tad bit nervous is an understatement.  I know the girls are in good hands, its not that I'm worried about, it's just this is the first time we haven't been a short car ride away. 

~My cousin Aubry gave me a monogrammed t-shirt for Christmas.  She then made the mistake of telling me who she ordered it from and now I'm addicted to them.  I have since ordered several more, and it has pretty much became my standard wear these days.  Everyone should know my initials these days.

Me, my baby (who refuses to be put down), and one of my monogrammed shirts

~It seems like 2014 is the year of babies! We seriously have six friends (and a family member!!!) who are having babies all within a months time of each other.  I'm so excited for them all and to be completely honest, even more excited that it's not me pregnant this summer! ; )

~Speaking of babies....this girl is pure rotten.  Straight up rotten.

She is going to be the one to give us a run for our money.

Happy Monday! : )


Tristan said…
GOsh! Hope OK feels better!! cute is A..look at those teeth!!!

I would be a nervous wreck are a brave woman!!

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