This Winter Weather

I feel like I've got nothing when it comes to the blog.  The blogging juices are running dry these days.

I'm blaming it on this weather.

If you've been reading for any amount of time, I think you should be giving me props for not mentioning the weather already, since you all know my hatred love for winter.  Usually by now I've been complaining for a solid month.

Ironically, I've yet to mention it and it's been the worst winter we've had in years.

I know the rest of the country has had it a lot worse than we have.  We've been fourtunate to only get one round of snow so far.

Buuuuuut.........the wind.

Oh my gosh...the wind this winter has been something fierce.  I can somewhat deal with the cold, but I can't deal with the cold wind.  It's made for some long days stuck inside.

We're an outside family, even in the usually mild winter months, but this winter it's been impossible.

Though we have been trying our best to keep up with school inbetween all the sickness and the move, my kids have been watching way more tv than I care to admit to. 

I've been wearing my loungy clothes way more than normal clothes. 

I've had no motivation what so ever to run or workout.  I can't tell you how many times I've actually walked outside to go run and walked right back in this winter.  I don't do the cold.

We've pretty much done nothing it feels, but hang out at home.


And I'm over it.  We all are.

Olivia asks me almost everyday "is it warm yet?"  

Unfortuantely, it's been a constant "no."

So, here's my complaint....over it. 

If you need me....I'll be sitting on my couch, in my yoga pants, dreaming of Spring.



Jennifer said…
I don't even have the snow here, and I'm over winter. I hate the cold. HATE it. I keep hoping once February is over we'll be out of this winter stuff for good!

At least your new home looks lovely in snow! Silver lining? (o;

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