The Nutcracker and tutus.

I know I say it every year, but I love the age Olivia is at.

I do not however say it with Amelia just yet....Sorry, Amelia.  Soon I'll be saying it, but I am still not a baby person.

Four year olds are fun though.  They are still kinda babyish in the fact they still need their mama's, but they are finally old enough to go and do the fun stuff.

 We've been fortunate to take Olivia to two performances this Christmas season.  Nana took her and I to see the Rockettes last month and on Tuesday we got the opportunity to go to a school performance of the Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker.  Olivia has seen the Nutcracker a few times already put on by her dance studio, but it was a totally different experience to see it put on by the professionals. 

No offense to our dance studio, they do an awesome job, but the sets and costumes Tuesday were down right gorgeous.  Since it was a school performance, we didn't get to see the whole performance and I've already vowed to go back for the whole thing next year.

We had a great time and it's always fun to spend the day with our best friends.

These girls are too much.

I told David that this girl is a ballerina through and through.  I will honestly be shocked if she doesn't stick with ballet for years to come.  She enjoyed the Rockettes, but she has not stopped talking about the Nutcracker for two days straight now.  She keeps asking if we can go back on Friday....Friday seems to be her chosen day for us to do anything. 

We've also been subject to nightly Nutcracker dance recitals.

As you can see, her audience was a little over it by night two.  I kinda love it though.  I won't lie, I love that she runs around in a tutu all day long. I pray we have many years to come filled with the Nutcracker and tutus.


Jennifer said…
I agree - four IS a magical age of childhood perfection. Tommy could stay four forever and I think I'd be okay with that.

Love her in the tutu - so precious!

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