First day or "the day we decided to never do date nights again."

It's that time of month again...first day!

However, this first day is going to have more words than pictures, because if I just posted pictures, there would be a lot of explaining to do. So to kill two birds with one stone, I'm combining posts.

To explain our first day, I have to explain a little of our last day.

Saturday afternoon, David and I got into one of those arguments. You know the ones...the ones that have really been building up for a few months but there is finally one little thing that sets one of you off and then you end up arguing about everything that has bothered you both since your last big argument....yeah, it was one of those. I know we're not the only ones who do that.

That being said, David's mom (who unfortunately got caught in the middle of it....along with  our friends Joe & Allison, so if y'all are reading this.  I promise it wasn't y'alls fault.  You had nothing to apologize for.  It was just one of those things that was coming.  Sorry about that, please don't defriend us) suggested that we take a date night to stare at each other awkwardly since we hadn't spoken to each other in a few hours by that time. So, I broke down from ignoring him and asked if he was game. Of course he couldn't say no, so we quickly got dressed and headed out to dinner.

We were just finishing dinner when they called and said we needed to come home because Amelia was really sick. We paid, rushed homed, I called our pediatricians office to find out what we needed to do, and when we walked in, my heart sank.

Amelia had started throwing up and hadn't stopped for an hour at that point. Y'all I'm not one to be dramatic about these kinds of things, honestly, I usually play things down more often than not. By the time we had got back home, she was a pale as a ghost. I have honestly only seen people that stage of white when they were in the box at a funeral home if you catch my drift. She couldn't even lift her head when you called her name, she would just turn her eyes towards you. If you lifted her arms or legs, they would immediately fall back down. It was scary how fast she went. We had left the house at a quarter to 7 and she was completely fine. She started throwing up at 7:30 and by 8:30 she was looking like death.  The nurse told me to hang up immediately and call 911. I did and we then waited for what seemed like forever. They got there, took one look at her and loaded us up to go to the children's hospital in Atlanta.

That then lead to a ten hour hospital stay, two sets of x-rays, an ultrasound, two hours of iv fluids, multiple things of blood work. At one point they were telling us they thought her intestines had collapsed on themselves. Apparently it happens to small children a lot but usually they are a little older. Of course, there was an easy fix and a hard one (i.e. surgery). They wanted to do an ultrasound to confirm and thankfully the results from the ultrasound came back negative. They said her intestines looked fine.  So, they really didn't say what she had, they just kinda chalked it up to a bug, which just showed itself in rare form for someone her age. Most kids that age get a bug and it comes out the other end. They kept us around long enough to see if she could start holding food down again. We gave her just a few slips at a time but around 3am, she finally started being able to keep just a little bit down. By the time we were discharged and got home, we walked in the door a little after  6am.

Thankfully she had a really good day on Sunday. She was back to her happy self. We were instructed to give her pedialyte for awhile and then slowly work her back onto formula an ounce at a time.  Today she is a little more fussy and nothing seems to be making her happy, but she's been sleeping a lot. We think that it maybe just all caught up to her, but she's still eating and keeping it down, so I'm going to give her a another day before taking her back in.

So, now that I've explained what went down this weekend, here's a peek into our first day...

I think I should get first day extra credit for posting this pic of me passed out. Obviously someone got a hold of my phone when I was trying to get a little bit of sleep.

Happy to be back home. 

Oh, and to top it off, David's car completely died on Saturday and we're now shopping for a new one. When it rains, it pours.

 Lots of baby clothes to wash.

Several naps were taken by all. She normally sleeps in her crib, but I was afraid to let her out of my sight, so she's been sleeping in this thing for the last 24 hours.

After our nap, Dave and I ran to test drive a car and then we had dinner with the parents. I fell off the picture snapping band wagon after nap. However, considering I was only going on about two hours of sleep, I think I get props for having this much. 

Oh, and it's a whole different story, but the last date night we took, we ended up at urgent care with Olivia. We may have decided to hold off on date nights for awhile. Date nights are getting kind of expensive for us. 

Thank you for all who said prayers for our baby girl that night. We greatly appreciate them all.  Hopefully it is the last scary night we have for awhile.  

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Heidi said…
How scary!!! Glad everything was ok.
Tristan said…
Was so happy to hear she was ok on fb! bless her littler heart..SO SCARY!!
Marlo said…
Well. Happy not so happy first day. I am glad that she is home and it was nothing serious. And I DO indeed give you props for the passed out Mama picture. We all have one of those stashed in our libraries somewhere.
Jennifer said…
Gosh, how scary! There is nothing worse than your baby being sick and not knowing what's the matter! So, so glad she is okay and it was just a bug!

Hopefully, some less eventful date nights will come your way soon. I know about the when it rains it pours thing all too well!

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