Back to normal.

The plague of 2013 has finally left the Mabrey household and hopefully for good.

Victim number five, David, was taken out on Friday night and yes, at that point I was ready to scream.  Mostly because I had seriously spent all day Thursday disinfecting and washing everything in our house.  I may or may not had yelled at him for not getting sick before I had cleaned everything.

Wife of the year right here.  Obviously you get no sympathy in this house.

Thankfully it left just in time because our schedule these next few weeks are jammed pack. 

We were all finally feeling well enough to venture out on Friday for a field trip. 

We headed to the Atlanta History center for their homeschool days "Christmas through the ages" program.  It's one of our favorite places for field trips.  We got to experience holiday activities on an 1800's farm, along with making ornaments, and meeting Santa. 

The girls got to see first hand how candles were made in the 1800's.  Let's just say you don't want to be standing next to Olivia when it comes to candle making.  I'm pretty sure five kids got burned during her five minute candle making session. I had to ask her to step away because children were getting hurt.

Who knew you could get this excited over a piece of coal and a candle?

I also got brave and took the baby girl.  It was her first field trip and I have to say that she did pretty well.  Minus the hour drive home in Friday afternoon traffic in which she screamed the ENTIRE way home.  Yeah....that's enough to make you go crazy.

We went into the weekend not having really any plans.  I tried to salvage some of the school we missed from being sick all week and attempted at some "easy looking" reindeer cookies.  I'm not sure what happened, but it was a fail from the beginning. We ended up just making cookies and throwing some m&m's on the top.  She was happy with them.

Saturday night we ended up our towns Christmas parade.  I've heard over the years it was a pretty decent one for a small town parade and I have to say we were impressed.  They do it at night so all the floats are decorated with Christmas lights.

Someone couldn't hang the entire parade though.

I have to say she was a trooper.  It was freezing and she braved the cold the entire two hours we were there without a peep. 

In case you noticed, Friday on our field trip it was 70 and we were in flip flops.  Twenty-four hours later at the Christmas parade we were bundled up in layers and wearing boots.  Gotta love it!

Oh and in other news, I found a set of keys that have been missing for over two years now!!!

Apparently there is a coat that needs to go to goodwill because that's where I found the keys over the weekend. I had to snap a picture to send to David, because we have seriously blamed Olivia for the missing keys for years now.  Oops. In our defense though, our tv remote has yet to be found three years later.


Tristan said…
haha..i hav ehad keys missing for 2 years now we will find them!

that trip looks so fun!

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